Saturday, September 19, 2020

James Holzhauer's birthday on 7/23 and the Jeopardy connection to my Uncle Barney


I was looking back at my old blog posts for the Batman/China/Rockets/South Park narrative....but I saw that I messaged James Holzhauer asking for his bday....

I looked it up and now I can find multiple sources say that it's 7/23/1984.....if this is his true birthday then it is perfect for the JJ theme/Jeopardy Theme I mentioned just before my Uncle Barney died....

My Uncle Barney's bday was 7/23 and he died age 63. 

Remember "James Holzhauer"=63 and he lost on Jeopardy on 6/3. He was born in 84'...


The Jesuit theme I noticed was in relation to the number 63 back then. 

Jeopardy James=194(FB) and 282(FB) and 261(FB)

Remember Ken Jennings won the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy against Holzhauer this year on 1/14 too....which is the day my Uncle Barney died in 2017. 

James Jumper=218(FB)

Barney Murphy=218(FB)

Zach launched All 4 Truth 218 days before his bday. 

Conspiracy Theory=218

8/6 is the 218th day...


So on..

Creighton University=261



  1. Well what the hell man. I didnt want to mention my personal stuff initially but my daughter was born June 10th and I got married on July 23rd. RememberI told you her initials are J.J. Rambo also did some work on 7/23 and how it's celebrated by freemasons as the heliacal Rising of Sirius. Also some 42 coding there he was mentioning. 42 has a prime factorization of 2x3x7. "Prime factorization" = 218 ordinal and 23/7 is also Neptunalia. Neptune God of Horses. Modern ruler of Pisces.

  2. I also have a new commenter on my channel today "Rose Murray"