Sunday, September 27, 2020

The death of Bruce Lee in relation to Jackie Chan and the Dragon Year connections


So Facebook gave me a post the other day about Jackie Chan in connection to Bruce Lee. It only stands out to me in regards to what I have documented with China and Charles Manson. In the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", they have a scene where Bruce Lee gets beat up by Brad Pitt...and they make Bruce Lee seem like an arrogant dickhole. 

Anyway, I looked up Bruce Lee and notice that he died on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Bruce Lee died 4 months 7 days before his bday. 

Lee Jun-fan=47

The video that Facebook gave me told of Jackie Chan getting his start as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. He told of a time Bruce Lee hit him and felt bad about it...then days before Bruce Lee died, he went bowling with Jackie Chan. As he was getting in the car to leave he turned around and looked at Jackie like he wanted to say something, but then never said anything. 

Notice that Jackie Chan was born on 4/7. 

Jackie Chan=47

It's also interesting that Bruce Lee's final film was "Enter the Dragon"...the film that also stars John Saxon who recently died in 2020. 

It's said that Bruce Lee was born in a Chinese Dragon year and during a Dragon hour....The only film I think I've ever watched involving him was the biopic called "Dragon" too...

It's perfect that he would mysteriously die at the age of 32 as well. 


He died in 1973 which was the Year of the Ox. 

Year of the Ox=47

He was born in San Francisco...

I recently started watching the Roman Polanski film called "Chinatown", but I haven't finished it yet..

Brandon Lee was also born on 2/1/1965...which was the final day of a Dragon Year. 

This also means that he was born on the 32nd day of the year too. 


  1. No shit Dan. I was just telling Seven7One1 on the phone the other day about Bruce Lee being born in a Dragon year/month/hour or whatever the hell they say. Of course Kamala Harris was born in a dragon year. I've been watching a little Santos Bonacci lately too and he had a facebook live video where he was filming a "triple scorpio". Scorpio Sun, Moon and Scorpio Rising. Your rising sign has to do with the hour of birth. Of course you're a Scorpio. Pretty heavily too with your Jupiter Venus and Mercury there as well. I'd say the closest thing to a Scorpio in the chinese Zodiac is the Dragon. I mean if people had a choice they'd all be Scorpios and Dragons...

  2. I forgot to mention something cool I came across with the 47. 911 days after 9/11/2001 Osama Bin Laden turned 47.