Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Comment on my Umbrella video-Synchronicity with Peppa Pig-Chinese Year of the Rat-194

Earlier today I got this comment along with a bunch of others that don't really make any sense to the video I just put out. 
What I find interesting is that I have felt like crap since Monday night. My girlfriend made Cheesy Potato's and I originally thought it was from that, but I felt even worse yesterday. It was raining and a lot colder than it has been but I was freezing and shivering so bad I could barely breathe. I even went to bed before midnight last night which is really early for me. Anyway, my brain felt like is was spasming and my lower back has been hurting. While at work today I mentioned that I think I must have a Kidney infection or a UTI again....I only mentioned this because I had these exact symptoms around March and it was a I don't know how I could get one, but I did...

I'm only bringing this up, because I find it very strange I would get the above comment while mentioning these things to my coworkers. Especially considering this persons other comments are strange and don't make sense to the video. 

Looping Solace=195(FB)

As I was sitting here getting ready to write about this comment, I set my phone down and looked at the TV....right as I looked at the TV I hear the word "UMBRELLA's". Of course it's Peppa Pig again as my son won't go to bed. 

I found the episode on YouTube and it's called, "The Market". 

The Market=194(FB) and 282(FB)

I mean what are the odds it would be numbers connected to Charles Manson and the numbers I keep mentioning? 

Possibly not connected, but I find it interesting....
Pigs=186(Eng Ext.)

I further think it's important, because earlier I turned on Zach's video from last night and some lady was talking about Portland....and how she was a former Cop and was mad at someone calling her a "Pig". 

Pigs are somehow important to this narrative as well....
Montagraph/Mary Tofflemire/Pigs...
Chinese Pig Year/Francis Bacon/Tisha B'Av
Charles Manson/Piggies
Iowa/China/Leading Pig Farmers

Oddly enough Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was in my town today. I had no idea she was coming, but she posted a picture of her Pork Tender from the Dairy Sweet on Facebook lol...Pig/Pork.....
Of course she has an 8/4 bday and her name sums to 145

Terry Branstad=186
He is the former Iowa governor who stepped down to become the ambassador to China. 
It's also interesting to note that Freemasonry is banned in China and Terry Branstad is a Freemason. 

Man, I just figured out a big piece...

Year of the Rat=194(FB), 282(FB), 234(FB), 142
Charles on...
New Years Eve=142(Corona/Charles Manson)

Notice how the 194th day of the Year of the Rat was 8/6....
8/6 was the big day I mentioned in my Umbrella video in regards to 218. 

Apparently I am supposed to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac? 

Next year will be the Year of the Ox. 

Year of the Ox=194(FB) and 282(FB), 142

So perfect for ongoing Coronavirus...


  1. Not sure if you ever came across Fisk ITO's work aka Kris Fisk. He did a couple videos on Ferris Bueller and was known for his 3/11/2017 Seattle False Flag Prediction. Anyways, he died on May 2nd this year. I tried calling him a couple weeks ago. Anyways here's a video of his if you haven't seen it

  2. His bday was 6/14/1983. Born 216 days after you and the same date numerology as you. 122. Ferris Bueller also released 6-11-1986 again 122 date num. Rambo has been talking about the 17 and 71 code. 6-11-86 was Rambos 17th bday. And as I'm typing this you mention John Hughes. Of course Hughes born 2-18 and died in the 218th day. One more fun fact about ferris bueller is that the parents in the film played parents in another film 6 years later. A Stephen King film called "Sleepwalkers". Is it just my imagination or could King and Hughes be twins. Which I think is missed on most people is the fact that Ferris and his sister are twins: Artemis and Apollo.

  3. Lol, maybe a stretch on Hughes and King.