Thursday, September 10, 2020

Mary Poppins comment at work today-More about Kim Reynold's visit

So I was at work for about 10 minutes today and I for some reason the motor oil was in the stuff I stock from our truck. I took it out to it's spot and set it on the Dippin Dots so I could open the box.....I remember thinking....I wonder if Pac-Man likes Dippin Dots, I bet they are like Prime Rib to him lol...and then I hear my coworker running the register start talking about Mary Poppins. Apparently the guy at the counter just kept pulling items out of his pocket to set on the counter and it reminded her of Mary Poppins bag...I just find it interesting considering the connection to Umbrella's with Mary Poppins. 

A little bit later my other co-worker was telling me about Kim Reynolds visit yesterday. I guess she went to Bonsalls and then they guy who owns Wendts Pot & Posies came in to tell her about his business being hurt during the shutdown from Coronavirus....Kim then went down and visited his store and talked to him....
What I find interesting is that the guy who owns it is a Knight of Columbus. He is a good guy as I've said about all of the Knights I know, but I find it interesting in regards to all that I have documented. Especially when it was made a point that she wasn't supposed to visit there, but then did...

Wendts Pots & Posies=194....would you believe it? 

I then asked my co-worker if he was the leader of the Knights, because I thought he was, but apparently he is just the treasurer....the guy who took over as the leader is a guy named Buggy.....what's interesting about him is that last summer I went to the Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie concert with him....I just looked him up on Facebook and he of course has a bday on 8/26.....the Colin Kaepernick Kneeling day/NBA Strike/James Harden's bday...

It's also interesting that the Eagles won the Super Bowl in the season where Trump called out the kneeling...Remember this was important to my grandma dying on Eagle Street...and me learning my sister owned Eagle Acres and so on.....My sister is from Audubon, Iowa...and after Kim Reynolds left Dunlap, she went to Audubon. It only seems strange considering Audubon is about 45 minutes away from the 2 towns seems pretty random to choose to me. 

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