Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Zach's video about Leland Melvin and the 1st caller in relation to Simple Truth TV and Zach's Beef

So I'm uploading a video right now and I figured I would listen to one of Zach's videos. The first caller makes sure to tell us his name and Zach to check out his Facebook page...he then goes on to talk about the drama between Zach and Simple Truth Tv going on right now. It's funny as I just left the comment on Simple Truth Tv's video mentioning the Houston Rockets and so on...
Notice this caller is from Houston, Texas....he also says his family are a bunch of Freemasons....

Josh Terrell=194(FB) and 282(FB) and 52, 142
Charles Manson=194(FB) and 282(FB) and 52, 142

Notice the main topic of Zach's video was Astronaut(Houston) Leland Melvin. 

Leland Devon Melvin=261(FB) and 183
Charles Manson=261(FB)

Am I being punked?  Or is this really synchronicity? 

Zach later goes off in his explanation about Simple Truth and mentions how he discovered the Jack Welch thing....
Look at Jack Welch...died on 3/1..
Jack Welch=31
Remember how I did an interview with Simple Truth on 3/1 earlier this year? 
Notice Jack Welch's birthday is the day Charles Manson died. 

Think how this is happening on the date 9/1 too...
The Space race ended in 91'. 

The Rockets vs OKC game 7 will be 91 days after Simple Truth TV's bday. 

It's also interesting the Simple Truth blogged about 3/1 being the 61st day of the year...
Notice the Rockets Game 7 on 9/2 will be 6 months 1 day after 3/1...also 185 days. 

Keep in mind he is talking about the Boston Celtics and the number 39 like crazy too. The day before 3/1 the Rockets beat the Celtics getting their 39th win of the season. 

I should point out too that John Thompson Jr. won the NBA Finals twice as a Boston Celtic and both times over the Lakers. 

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