Saturday, September 5, 2020

All4Truth launched 194 weeks before Derek's recent video-9/11 and 194

All 4 Truth launced exactly 194 weeks before Derek's recent video to Zach. 
Derek Tikkuri=194(FB)

I just randomly stumbled upon this too..

September Eleventh=194

It makes me think about the Twin symbolism and Marilyn Manson's new album being released on 9/11. 

Osama bin Laden=218(FB)
Twin Towers=218(FB)
Conspiracy Theory=218

I wonder if we should pay attention to the dates 12/3 or 12/4 as it will be 194 days after George Floyd. 

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  1. Interesting that Brandon Jacobs won Xfinity race after 2 drivers in lead wrecked last lap
    D.O.B. 2/18
    2/18/20 to 9/5/20
    200 days
    200th prime = 1223
    12/23 Federal Reserve started

    Both NCAA teams with 12/23(MTSU coach d.o.b.) and 200 (game to coach d.o.b. Arkansas State)
    Lost today to Army and Memphis Tigers
    King Guillermo which trainer and owner have 12/23 d.o.b. was scratched with fever