Monday, September 21, 2020

Ty Lawson gets banned from Chinese Basketball


The Lakers won tonight on a buzzer beater by Anthony Davis with 2.1 seconds left. 
Notice today is 194 days after his bday on 20/9. 
Charles Manson=194(FB) and 209

As I was looking at the headlines, I see a story about Ty Lawson being banned from his Chinese basketball team today too....for his Instagram posts. Haven't I been saying that China is a major part of the narrative this whole time? Of course Ty Lawson is mostly known for his time with the Denver Nuggets who lost to the Lakers. 

Lawson was then traded on 7/20..or the anniversary of the Moon landing to Houston in 2015. 

Notice Lawson's bday is 11/3...the election...Colin Kaepernick's bday...ROSEanne's bday..

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