Wednesday, September 23, 2020

South Park "The China Probrem" episode on when I looked at the TV tonight


So Enterthestars left me this message earlier on my Umbrella symbolism video. It's like, I'm trying my best to not call people out, but there are strange things...such as his comment had 5 likes in a matter of seconds...I made the video on 9/8...I honestly can't imagine that many people would be reading the comments on my video from that long ago at the instance he was writing a message....there is also no way that he actually watched my whole video, because if he did, he should understand why I even mentioned him to begin with...he then makes it seem as if Zach had something to do with my video...when in fact I was talking about Zach just as much as him in the video...or at least their connections...

Whatever I guess....I'm only mentioning this because I wrote him a comment back and then I looked at my TV and of course South Park "The China Probrem" episode was playing. 


  1. Keep being You. I was under a religious 'Godspell' for 50 years. Thankfully not a fanatic, just devout. Takes a awhile to detox from that stuff. One thing I've learned regarding the 'Script'-ures, there is Truth in there, it's not all true. Like anything else. Thanks for your work.

  2. Lol, from what I can remember Dahboo and ETS sounded like the same person.

  3. It's real hard to stomach ETS. The pandering to the Jesus freaks is just too much. Just real hard to imagine he possesses even an ounce of authenticity.

  4. Why dosent he mention Derek who found his belief in gematria by asking God for a sign??

  5. Dan,

    I found YOU in South Park.

    You are depicted as one of the Trolls at the Table.

    Watch the episode that Kyle's Dad meets the other Trolls.

    The scene resembles the Last Supper, which I recall you talking about.