Friday, September 18, 2020

The Jacobites and Charles III in relation to Scottish Rite/Jesuits


I was randomly looking up the Scottish Rite again and right away something stuck out to me. It talks about the Legend of the Jacobites. "Apparently" there is a myth that Charles II and James II have ties to the higher degrees of Scottish Rite and the Jesuits....
It's only funny to me, because the other night while looking up Prince Charles and the "Rose" symbolism, I found a song called "Roses of Prince Charlie"'s a song for the Jacobite Charles Edward Stuart...who is also known as King Charles III....after James II was deposed the new King was William III, but the Jacobites argued that it should have been James II's son James Francis Edward Stuart....They never ended up bringing the Stuart line back, but his son Charles Edward Stuart also tried to regain the thrown.....

It's just funny to me that it even has a connection to the Scottish Rite...I've read a good amount about the English Civil Wars, but I didn't realize until a few days ago about the Jacobites/Charles III...
Once again all links back to France too. 
Plus the Rose symbolism....Rose Croix....Rosicrucians. 

I see a lot of websites say that King James became a Freemason at the age of 35, which is probably why Zach says this in relation to LeBron James....but notice this claim comes from "The Mutual Agreement"...that says he became a Freemason on 4/15/1601.....this would mean that he was 34 years old as he wouldn't turn 35 until 6/19/1601. They probably did it this way considering "King James"=35...but he was 34. 


  1. Bro!! If you look at Zenith's comment section we were making the same observations at about the same time. Prince Andrew born 2-19 exactly 2019 weeks after Prince Philip who was born on June 10th. I was telling Zenith about the White Rose of the House of York. It was adopted as an emblem by the Jacobites. "In the late Seventeenth Century the Jacobites took up the White Rose of York as their emblem, celebrating "White Rose Day" on 10 June, the anniversary of the birth of James III and VIII in 1688." I did a little video on 219 and Prince Andrew last year. "Duke" = 219 Jewish.

  2. Also stumbled across this.