Sunday, September 6, 2020

Authentic win Kentucky Derby 124 days after it's foaled date

Authentic upsets Tiz the Law at the Kentucky Derby. 
Notice how Authentics foaled date was 124 days before. 
Tiz the Law=124
Manny Franco=124
This race was 1 months 24 days after Zindzi Mandela dies.
The John Henry movie came out on 1/24...
It's opening scene is on 12/29 at 2:01...
1229 is the 201st prime number...
Manuel Franco=201

Kentucky Derby=56 and 187
Society of Jesus=56 and 187
CHURCHill Downs

The Jockey John Velazquez was born 164 days after Authentic. 
Kentucky Derby=164

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  1. Formula 1 just had the 1st French Winner in 24 years, and the race was in Italy. 200/1 underdog