Thursday, September 3, 2020

Steve Nash becomes Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets-Kobe Achilles Narrative

Steve Nash becomes the Nets head coach after the Rockets advance to play the Lakers in the playoffs? Yeah, because Steve Nash played for the Lakers when Kobe Bryant tore his achilles in 2013 along with Dwight Howard. The whole narrative I have been talking about just keeps playing out. 

Notice Steve Nash's first career game was against the Lakers and his final game played was against the Houston Rockets too. 
He didn't play in the game where Kobe tore his achilles because he got injured against the KINGS. 
Recall, Kevin Durant who plays for the Nets also tore his achilles synced up to Kobe tearing his achilles. 

Notice how Steve Nash shares a birthday with Isaiah Thomas too. Remember how Chyna Thomas sycned up to this whole narrative in 2017. 

This happens 157 days before his bday too. 
Kobe Bryant=157
Kobe Bean Bryant=54

Nash's bday was the 39th day of is 9/3 or 3/9...this is another number I have mentioned in relation to Simple Truth TV and the Celtics/Rockets narrative. 
In regards to this narrative, I should also point out that the Rockets haven't played the Celtics in the finals for 34 years....the big number in connection to Kobe..

I wonder what Game 5 of the Lakers/Rockets series will be like considering it's on 9/12...which is Yao Ming's bday....

Also Steve Nash coaching the Nets is important because the Lakers played preseason games in China vs the Nets...this was just after Rockets Daryl Morey tweeted about China and then LeBron spoke out about China as well. 
Remember Trump praised the Indian Prime Minister in Houston for having it's first NBA games in India too....the first game was the Kings vs Pacers on the same day Daryl Morey tweeted...also Joker film coming out....synced to Batman/Moon and Kobe tearing his achilles. 

First NBA games in China were the Kings vs the Rockets in 2004. 

Rockets/Space/China/LeBron/Space Jam...The 51st anniversary of the Moon landing.....the Rockets just advanced on the day of the CORN Moon....remember Children of the Corn lol...the last time there was a corn moon was in 2017 when I thought the Rockets would win....Steven Adams wore the Nasa shirt....
Corn Moon=44
7/20 to 9/2 was 44 days. 

The Vegas attack was synced to the Harvest Moon in 2017 too. 

I swear that's why we got Robert Pattinson with coronavirus today too. 9/3 or 3/9..
Batman=39 and 261(satanic)
Dwight Howard switched to number 39. 
Howard is Superman...Jack Nicholson the Joker....I swear it's all important to my first ever 'conspiracy' video about thsi concept. 
Robert Pattinson=206, 91

I also find it interesting that it says Steve Nash was born in South Africa. I tried sending people messages last night on Facebook, but my internet went out for like 3 hours and I ended up just going to bed...but I had this written up to today I see Steve Nash born in South Africa. 

Off topic, but with as much as I've mentioned in connection to the Lakers/ makes me think about Robert Horry. 
He's won more championships than Michael Jordan and has the most of any player that didn't play with the Celtics in the 1980's....Also him and John Salley have won NBA Finals with 3 different teams....
John Salley=201(FB)
Robert Horry=187(FB)


  1. Brooklyn Nets is the 2021 Team to beat.

    Look at their lineup.

    They kept them quiet all of 2020.

    Yet, still made the playoffs.

  2. on 9/12 also Vernon Maxwell celebrates his 55 Birthday....he won 2 Championships with Hakeem and Kenny Smith in 90`s.

  3. He played 18 seasons. Became Brooklyn Nets coach 18 years and 18 days after the adventures of Pluto nash released. Eddie Murphy was real important to the super bowl halftime show this year. They alluded to the Golden child as well as the Venus pleiades conjunction. Also vampire in Brooklyn. Always thought nash looked like the guy who played rorschach in the movie Watchmen. That actor got his start in bad news bears. They're already making it a race thing and of course that's what they did with the latest watchmen series. L

    1. Thats funny...I live in Rorschach/Switzerland and one of my favourite Players was Steve Nash

  4. Wow, was looking at Eddie's age on 9/3. That was exactly 713 months for his age. Saturn = 713 hebrew gematria. 713 = 23x31 the 9th and 11th primes.

    713th anniversary of the Knights Templar being rounded up will be 10/13/20 on the day of the earth Mars conjunction. That's day 555 of Martian year 218. Magic square of Mars is a 5x5. 10/13 is also a Tuesday or Mars'Day. Strangely enough today is 55 date numerology and there's a Moon Mars conjunction. Weird shit always happens to me with 55. The driver side window crapped out on me this morning leaving McDonald's. Have to figure out how to fix that on my day off.

  5. Well it wasn't too bad. Had to change out the window regulator. It was a pain in the ass but I got it done.