Sunday, September 27, 2020

Joe Montana rescues grandchild from kidnapping

 Sodsai Dalzell=49

Montana who is now 64 years old is known for playing for the 49ers. 

Forty Niners=64

The 49ers were established on 6/4. 

Today is 108 days after Joe Montana's bday. 

Joe Montana=108 

Of course the 49ers won with 36 points today too..
Joe Montana=36

It's just so stupid. I honestly show people around me this stuff all of the time to no avail...they just don't give 2 shits about it and are happy living life without wondering...I know I say it a lot, but it's truly annoying...

New York Giants=64

Of course this also happens just before the Chiefs play the Ravens tomorrow night as well....Remember Montana/Steve Young had a QB controversy...just as Kaepernick/Smith....Kaepernick lost to the Ravens in SB 47. 

I'm sure there's a narrative with the Jesuits and Joe Montana playing for Notre Dame as well. 

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