Thursday, October 8, 2020

Children of the Corn/Rose came up at work today on Nick Cannons bday


I'm severely behind on blog posts, but I have a ton of screenshots of things that if I get more time I will blog about....such as The Rose Garden Massacre and uts importance to Trump getting Covid...Also Van Halen being from Pasadena, which is the city of Roses...He also died 8 months 10 days after his bday, and Hot For Teacher was important to Tisha BAv and 8/10/19....

Anyway, Im at work right now and the girls I work with were talking about going to a Flashlight Corn Maze thing at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday night...My boss then was like "NO", don't go to that, Haven't u ever seen Children of the Corn?...they will pry jump out and get u.. We then had a conversation about the film and I told her that Zacks mom was in the film, which Ive talked about before...She had no idea about that and was amazed...remember Zack is a Twin as well ..A few hours later my boss came out and showed me a picture and asked if I knew the person..apparently his card didn't go through one day, but he left with his stuff without realizing.. I asked her to load the video so I could see his face better, but still didn't recognize him...whats funny though is that in the film, he's pumping gas, but then walks over and starts talking to a kid in a Chicago Bulls Derrick ROSE jersey lol ..I kindve know him, because I know his we figured out the other guys name by asking her...his name turned out to be Zack, and oddly enough the clerk who was working when his card didn't go through was Zack that works here a few nights a week. Makes me think of Zach Hubbard, but who knows..

Anyway, today is a perfect day for this to happen considering its Nick Cannons bday and remember he was important to the Children of the Corn narrative..

As I'm typing this I got a notication about Trump and the Rose Garden...notice the story below it is about Mariah Carey..she of course was important this narrative as well..

Check out Derrick Roses neck tattoo as well.

Thinking about it further..the kid in the Derrick Rose Jersey is also a TWIN...what are the odds...

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