Wednesday, September 2, 2020

King Charles I and Henrietta Maria in relation to Charles Manson

So I just randomly typed in Francis Bacon Ciphers in the gematrinator because they have been very important lately. 

Francis Bacon Ciphers=261(FB) and 183
You don't necessarily have to capitalize it, so possibly nothing, but this randomly made me type in King Charles I.....He's connected to LeBron James/Cavaliers. 

King Charles I=194(FB) and 282(Jewish) and 208
Notice he was born on the same day Charles Manson died too lol...just crazy. 
His wife was Henrietta Maria of France...
Henrietta Maria=194(FB) and 282(FB)
Maria was Catholic..

What are the odds? 

Orlando Florida=234
English Civil War=234
It began on the 234th day of the year..
Oliver Cromwell=234(FB)
Cromwell died 234 days after his bday. 

Walt Disney World=282(FB)
King James died 282 days after his bday.