Monday, September 7, 2020

Synchronicity talking about the death of a friend from 2012 yesterday-218-147

Yesterday around noon I took Zamien to my parents house. My sister and her son were there, so I stayed for a good amount of time....I showed my nephew a Fart app I downloaded on my phone and it led to a conversation about a kid I went to High School with. He used to break Stink Bombs in study hall and the teacher always thought somehow was farting...anyway we went on to talk more about him and how he died in a car wreck years back.  

Anyway, I came home and started making a video in regards to recent events and the Umbrella symbolism...I then stopped and watched the Lakers vs Rockets game..and finished the video later. In the mix of watching the game, I got a Facebook notification that someone had posted in the "In Memory of Ben Monk"...who was the guy I had talked about earlier in the day at my parents house. I took a screen shot and I'm just now looking to see why it may have happened. 

As I'm looking at it, I know exactly why it happened. In the video I made last night, I talked a lot about the number 218, the date of 8/6 and 6/28 when Zach's channel was deleted. 

Right before I went to bed, I also made sure that my alarm was set because I had to work today. Of course it was 2:18am and my alarm said it was going to go off in 6 hours 28 minutes. The screen shot is not the correct time however...I actually had it set for 8:45 not 8:46...but i didn't the picture in i changed it to 8:46 to get a visual of the would've been even more interesting if it was 8:46 considering George Floyd though. 
So it was 8:45 and still 2:18am when it happened. 

Notice Ben's bday was 2/18. 

This also means that yesterday was 201 days after his bday. 

In the video, I talked a lot about how the Umbrella Symbolism is important to the Catholic Church....201 the big Jesuit number this year. 

It's even stranger that someone would randomly comment on that Facebook page considering he died on 1/31/2012...

This means that yesterday was 147 days before his death date....147 and 218 go hand in hand in a non leap year....147+218=365....thus if it wasn't a leap year....his death date would have been 218 days before yesterday. 

Benjamin Randall Monk=183 and 261(FB)

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