Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fast Food Stories on CNN tonight

What's the deal with the Fast Food stories in the media tonight? 
McDonalds..Burger King...Taco Bell...

It's interesting to me that the McDonald's story is about Travis SCOTT and just above the Burger King story is a story about MacKenzie SCOTT....MAC Kenzie...MAC Donalds...

Travis Scott is from HOUSTON...
Interesting too that when I typed in MacKenzie Scott on Wikipedia it brought up a singer from ORLANDO instead..

Taco Bell=201(Jewish)
Burger King=158


  1. Dan check out Daniel Berger when he won the Charles Schwab Tournament on Trump's birthday, June 14th. The first pga tour event back from coronoa. His birthday is 4/7.and he's jewish.

    The Saturday Night before the final day, there was a news story in Atlanta (home of the Masters), about wendys. BURGER/Berger. The story with Daniel berger this year is he does not have an invitation to the Masters, despite having a win this season and being in the top 10.

  2. BK....KB....2 2....2020

    112 0....Trust and BULLeve
    Burger KING.....Kobe Bryant.

    Taco Bell.

    Pavlov Bell......DOG

    Taco BAAL....

    Demolition Man...

    Stallone. Schneider.

    Hand Shake.

  3. Check out 9.8.2020.
    Lakers Rockets Score.

    112. 102....