Thursday, September 10, 2020

Lakers put in 19 year old Talen Horton-Tucker 76 days before his birthday.

Watching the Lakers-Rockets game and a thing they are making a big deal of is the 19 year old Talen Horton Tucker getting put in by the Lakers. He hasn't played once in the playoffs and only played a few games during the regular season. 
Well the reason they put him in today is because it's 76 days before his bday. 
Talen Horton-Tucker=76
Houston Rockets=76

Notice he was originally drafted to the Orlando Magic too...Perfect for the Lakers-Rockets narrative I have mentioned before...
Plus they haven't put in Dwight Howard once against the Rockets....
Notice Talen Horton-Tucker's first NBA game was on Dwight Howard's 34th bday against the T-Wolves. 

He also signed with the Lakers on 7/13...
Houston area code is 713...

7/13/2020 was the 194th day....
Tucker drafted on 6/20 which was the day leaving 194 days in the year. 


  1. You're on it Dan!
    Golden Gate = 76(HG) 239(J)
    Talen Horton-Tucker =239(RO)

  2. 713 has divisors of 23 x 31
    ...the 9th and 11th primes
    ...playing on a span of exactly 19 years since "9/11".

  3. Played on the 254th day of the year
    Saturn the keeper of time = 254(EO) 101(FR)

  4. End of third quarter score is 86 - 70 totalling 156.
    156th prime is 911

  5. Lakers to finish on .....119????

  6. I believe the World Tade Centers were 110 stories high...