Saturday, September 19, 2020

LeBron James reacts to Lori Loughlin selecting prison of her choice


LeBron James remarks about Lori Loughlin getting to choose the jail she goes to...Notice she will be sentenced on 11/19, which is 114 days after her bday. 

11/19 of course the day the Charles Manson died. 

LeBron James=114

Lori Loughlin important to Full House, and the creator of Full House owns the new house built where the Tate Murders happened. 

Lori Anne Loughlin=186

She was important around the time of the Umbrella symbolism in 2019..


  1. a FULL HOUSE is a pair and a three-of-a-kind...

    Or in other words 2 + 3....

    23 is Lebron's Jersey.

  2. There's a guy in the Facebook group who keeps going on about 114 and January 14th 2021. I'll just say what I've come to know with 114. Seems to be connected to Uranus which was discovered on 114 date num by William Herschel. Herschel Walker was the 114th draft pick. Some Rando Ones Are that Britney Spears Caroline Kennedy and Derek Tikkuri were born on 114 date numerology. Uranus the modern ruler of Aquarius.

  3. Public Enemy announced release of Watcha gonna do when the grid goes down on Chuck D's birthday 8/1/20
    Release date 9/25/20
    8/1/20 to 9/25/20
    55 days
    9/25/20 to 11/19/20
    55 days
    Same 55 day cycle as Economic collapse before great depression

    9/23/17 to 11/19/20
    1153 days
    1153 = 191st prime

    7/13/20 to 1/20/21
    191 days

    324th day of the year
    Leaves 42 days in year

    9/23/20 to 11/19/20
    57 days

    Expect Helter Skelter

    1. Blackout = 269
      Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon
      = 269
      November Nineteenth = 269
      269th day of the year
      EMP = 110
      Grid Failure = 110
      9/11/2001 to 11/19/20
      7009 days
      1119th prime = 9007

  4. Claremont Serial Killer
    First girl missing to his conviction is 9007 days