Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Latest episode of The Goldberg's called "Pretty in Pink"-Queen guitarist Brian may had a heart attack

I just got off work and I went to Netflix to just watch something while I ate supper. Of course, too many people were on our account, so I went to Hulu instead. I had no idea what I wanted to watch, but I then started thinking maybe I should check out the Goldbergs...

I only thought I would look up the Goldbergs, because last night I saw this article about Queen guitarist Brian May having a heart attack. 
Heart Attack=72
He's 72 years old...
So he's injured his butt and had a heart attack in MAY. 

Anyway, notice the title of the last Goldbergs episode that came out....."Pretty in Pink"....They even reference "Duckie" multiple times in this episode....Recall how the film "Pretty in Pink" is important to Goldberg the Goalie and the Duck theme. Queen is important due to "We are the Champions". 

Interesting they do a joke about Freemasons in the show too....Notice he says his duty is to his CATS and the Freemasons....recall that CAT is a pretty important theme currently too. 

Remember this show was important to what I was documenting about in Season 6 too....The first episode was, "Sixteen Candles"...another Molly Ringwald film....Mister Knifey Hands was about Freddy Krueger who is important to the Queen theme...and "Bohemian Rap City"...

I figured I would read more about Molly Ringwald...
She is currently 52 years old....this was an important number to Brian May tearing his Gluteus Maximus...
John Hughes=52
It's interesting this Goldberg's episode aired 86 days(end date) after Molly's bday...and 86 days(end date) before 8/6 when John Hughes died.
Molly and John have bday's of 2/18 and 8/6 is the 218th day..

Interesting it says she married a French writer in Bordeaux, France. I spent about an hour yesterday trying to find that Freemasonry was founded in France...until I realized that it wasn't Freemasonry...it was Scottish Rite, and it was founded in Bordeaux...
Scottish Rite=165
Molly Ringwald=165
Pretty in Pink=147

I also realized something yesterday writing in the book. The cops that got shot in Des Moines, Iowa next to where I lived the day the Cubs won the World Series was synced to reverse gematria. Remember we didn't know reverse at the time...but I worked at "Burger King"=112...it was the 112th world series on 11/2 and so on...
Daniel Edward Behrendt=112(reverse reduced)
Tony Beminio=156(reverse)
Justin Martin=156(reverse)
These were the cops who got killed. 
Martin died 112 days after his bday on 11/2 and his bday was 14/7. 

The shooter had gematria of 166...
Scott Greene=166(reverse)
Recall, how this number was probably the most important number for me when it came to learning the reverse method. 
James Jumper=166(reverse)..mocked my blocked and referred to my name as NAD...the reverse of DAN. 
Reverse Gematria=166(reverse)

They planned for us to learn reverse gematria...flipping the script was part of the script all along as I have said. 

I need to rewatch The Breakfast Club too...It has Emilio Estevez(Mighty Ducks)...so it probably has type of clue...I just hate all of them movies for some reason and I don't have time the way it is lol. 
Molly Ringwald is also in the STAND about the killer virus. 

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  1. My first ever gematria/numerology video was about the death of Junaid Jamshed. Died in a Pakistan plane crash. We recently had another one. Today is 1010 days after the Great American Eclipse. J.J. 1010