Monday, May 4, 2020

Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan deaths-More syncs with this book-India-Mandela Effect-D-Day-Space-Joker

This guy died on 4/30, but CNN never put it as a headline story for me until yesterday. What's interesting is I was super busy yesterday and I didn't write anything in the book, but 2 nights ago I finished after mentioning Donald Trump meeting the Indian Prime Minister and how it was synced up to the Joker film/Houston Rockets...

I know this is important, because the article tells us that Rishi Kapoor's first film was, "Mera Naam Joker" or "My Name is Joker". 

Think how the Mandela Effect syncs I recently had writing this too...they were important to Harold and Kumar...It was more important to Kal Penn who is the Indian-American guy on the movie. 


I've been seeing this number a whole lot again lately. A guy I know tagged me in a post about Alex Smith and Joe Theismann...Alex Smith was hurt against the Texans 195 days after his bday...
Houston Texans=195
Houston Texas=195(FB)
Trump met the Indian prime minister in Houston.

Rishi Kapoor=67
He dies age 67..

My Name is Joker=76
Houston Rockets=76

Recall how Raj(Indian) was important to Buffy being on the Big Bang Theory too. 

Rishi Kapoor=210(FB)
Rishi Raj Kapoor=210
Kobe died 210 days before his bday. 
The gematrinator was taken down 210 days before 8/10/2019. 

India is trying to become the 4th nation to land on the moon after the US, Russia, and China...the mission is planned for 2020..
Remember the Batman shooting happened on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Remember we just the other Bollywood Actor Irrfan Khan die too. I just looked him up and the wikipedia mentions the death of  Rishi Kapoor...but notice they were in the film "D-Day" together? 
Recall the Mandela Effect sync was all about the horse Omaha Beach dropping out of Kentucky Derby...I also mentioned how it was synced to D-Day(Omaha Beach) was the 75th anniversary....which is interesting because this year D-Day will be the 76th anniversary..syncing up to "Joker"=76
Interesting these guys die on 4/29 and 4/30 too...which is the exact days my Mandela Effect sync happened last year. 

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