Saturday, May 2, 2020

Documenting my week of unlucky events

This post has nothing to do with gematria, at least right now haha. I just want to document this shitty week so I can remember it. On Monday, I had my aunts funeral. Of course everything has to be livestreamed so you don't get the same closure. Plus I feel worse about this, because of the rocky relationship I had with her over the years. 

A few days ago my SUV broke down and I had to stress over that. It's home and there seems to be nothing wrong with it, but I'm worried to take it out of town. My dad thinks the thermostat got stuck, but who knows. 

Today I got woke up by the police at my door, because my 2 year old son was outside by himself for like an hour this morning. Apparently he woke up and I didn't hear him and he decided he would open the front door and go play while I was asleep. A bunch of people saw him a few blocks away and called the cops. It's a big cluster of reasons as my girlfriends brother is usually here babysitting in the morning too, but today he got here late. Usually our baby wakes me up and I take both kids downstairs so he can babysit, but today the baby slept until 9am. Anyway, the cop had to file a report so now we'll probably have DHS coming over sometime thinking I'm a terrible parent. 
We got new locks and an alarm now though, so shouldn't happen again. 

Now tonight I was outside on the porch talking for a second and I dropped my phone. Of course the screen is all messed up. Not just a cracked screen, but like all glitched out so you can't do anything on it. The stupid thing isn't even paid off yet, so hopefully the Verizon store can fix it tomorrow...and hopefully it's open tomorrow...

On a positive note, I've got pretty far writing this book and I also got one of the kids I work with to watch my it's probably why bad shit has to balance out the good. 

Oh well, I'll get through it, but I just wanted to remember it as it might be important in the future. 

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