Saturday, May 2, 2020

Death of Sam Lloyd in relation to Back to the Future-Christopher Lloyd-The Mask

This is interesting for a few reasons. First he dies age 56 during the time of coronavirus.
He is famous for a show about Doctors...during the coronavirus? 

The thing that interests me the most is that I recently mentioned I was paying attention to Christopher Lloyd. Sam Lloyd is the nephew of Christopher Lloyd. 

He is currently 81 years old. 
Christopher Lloyd=81
I was mentioning him in regards to Back to the Future and also the film Teen Wolf. 
Kevin Garnett=56
Scott Howard=56
Michael J. Fox=56
So on..

Sam Lloyd died 176 days before Christopher Lloyd's birthday. 
Back to the Future=176
Sam Lloyd's birthday of 11/12 is also fitting as it's the day Marty McFly gets his parents to fall in love at the enchantment under the sea dance....Also the date the Clock Tower is struck in 1955. 

Even more interesting that Michael J. Fox was on 2 episodes of Scrubs...the 58th and 59th....He is currently 58 years old and will be 59. 

Sam Lloyd also died 191 days after Christopher Lloyd's birthday. 
Michael J. Fox=191

Remember Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly...He was in the film called, "Mask". Michael J. Fox's tattoo artist was wearing the surgical mask in 2019. 
Masks are important to Coronavirus...

Haha funnier yet is the Rocky Dennis died on 10/4....
The clock in Back to the Future gets struck at 10:04...
10/4 leaves 88 days in the year..
88mph Time Travel. 
Rocky Dennis=56

Maybe we should keep an eye on Sam Elliott or Cher? 
Samuel Pack Elliott=195
Cherilyn Sarkisian=195

If I could Turn Back Time? 

There's a bunch of other things I am thinking about too..such as Jamie KENNEDY as the Son of the Mask..
I've also recently wrote a ton about the band Slipknot in the book....Slipknot wears masks...

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