Thursday, May 7, 2020

Axl Rose gets in a twitter war with Steve Mnuchin-Donald Trump Mask Factory/Live and Let Die

Axl Rose in a Twitter war with Steve Mnuchin just after Trump is caught not wearing a mask at the mask factory while "Live and Let Die" by Guns n Roses is playing? 

Why was the music blaring at that factory anyway? I mean wouldn't you think they would calm it down considering the president of the United States was on a tour there? It's just so stupid. 

This story comes 3 months 1 days after Axl Rose's bday. 
Axl Rose=31

The reason Mnuchin used a Liberia flag is because it's a joke about Ebola. Recall in 2014 when Ebola was big, the first case in the US was Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan. This story was really important to Texas as well. 

The song Live and Let Die also comes from the James Bond film...We just had "Pussy Galore" from the James Bond film, "Goldfinger" die. I just mentioned how Brian Howe from "Bad Company" was in connection to Goldfinger. 

Guns n Roses=56

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