Thursday, May 7, 2020

Nicolas Cage to portray Tiger King-Elvis-Lisa Marie Presley Coronavirus

Do I even need to add gematria with this one? 
Nicolas CAGE....remember Joe Exotic had Tigers in a CAGE and is now locked in his own CAGE. 

Nicolas Kim Coppola=76

Nicolas Cage=53
Tiger King=53

Have I pointed out that "Tiger King"=195(FB)? 
American Vandal=55
Tiger King=55

Nicolas Cage is also currently 56 years old. Recall how Tiger King is synced to Coronavirus. 
Once again this is part of the Elvis ritual...
Nicolas Cage got married to Lisa Marie Presley just 9 days before Carole Baskin's husband Don Lewis was declared legally dead in 2002. 
Interesting they were married on 8/10 and then legally divorced on 5/16 too....I've been documenting about 516 in the book and so had a lot to do with 8/10 and World Lion day too. 

I'm interested that Lisa Marie's first husband was Danny Keough too. I would never recognize that name except that we just had the death of Matt Keough...I can't find that they are related, but stands out to me. 
Matt Keough=201(FB)

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