Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Richard Herd the 3rd Seinfeld actor to die in the last year-Jimmy Fallon does Blackface-SpaceX launch canceled-George Floyd-The Mask-Random stuff

I'm trying to stay on task and finish the book, so I haven't been documenting much.....but there are like a million things I want to research about too...
We now have 3 deaths from the show Seinfeld in the last year...Charles Levin, Jerry Stiller, and now Richard Herd...
I've never really watched much of the show, so I need to look more at it when I get a chance. 
Richard Herd=201

I was also thinking the other day how the whole ritual with France and 227 is important to the Jesuits....the Jesuits were created in France on the 227th day...and then officially founded on 9/27/1540....I think this is why the Jesuits are so synced to coronavirus during the 227th year of the French Republic. 
Pope Francis=227(FB)
Francis the 266th Pope..and more..
Coronavirus=56 and 155

The first SpaceX launch to send people into space is cancelled today as well...More Elon Musk...

Jimmy Fallon apologizes for Blackface....recall how the Blackface narrative last year eventually bled into the Duck theme and my synchronicity with Jimmy Fallon and Emilio Estevez...

I've also recently been writing about the 2016 native american theme that was important to Philando Castile in the big story is George Floyd being killed by police in Minnesota...The whole narrative with native americans began with the death of Prince/Minnesota too. 
This story has to be connected to Colin Kaepernick...Kneeling as the cop knelt on his neck.....
Colin Kaepernick=146
Floyd died on the 146th day which is 5 months 9 days before Kaepernicks' bday.. on..
Remember the Eagles SB in Minnesota was all about this narrative and connected to the Bridge Collapse/81....Francis Scott Key born on 8/1...

the video I watched looked fake as hell too....they video stops and starts again...then all the sudden he is dead? Maybe there is other footage that I haven't seen, but seems fishy without even looking into the narrative. 

I'm trying to watch the Jim Carrey movie, The Mask too as there has to be something related to Coronavirus. 

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  1. Kenny Rogers also died this year and there was an episode of Seinfeld specifically about Kenny Rogers Roasters, which has matching 1303 gematria with coronavirus.