Monday, May 25, 2020

The Mandela Effect film on Hulu and the big eyeball picture of the wall

I stumbled upon a film called, "The Mandela Effect" last night on Hulu. It's basically about a family whose daughter dies, and then the father discovers the Mandela Effect. He then figures out we are living in a simulated world and so on..
It's funny they have the picture of an Eyeball facing inside his bedroom though. The film is about the Mandela Effect, but it really never alludes to any "Conspiracy" outside of that, so it's just another symbol hidden in plain site. They don't show this until he switches to a different reality either...or I think that's what happens as his daughter comes back to life. 


  1. How about that. You're research shows us "Golden Gate Bridge" = 810. Tomorrow is the 83rd anniversary of the opening.