Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ace of Base member with clept lip nicknamed the Joker-The Number 23

So I am sitting here writing about the Number 23, and then I started writing about Ace of Base. As I was looking at "The Sign" again, I noticed it was actually written by member Jonas Berggren....notice his nickname is "Joker"....
It also goes on to tell us that he was born with a cleft lip....does that not remind you of Joaquin Phoenix who last portrayed as the Joker? 


It's funny too as I always talk about the color Pink, because of the Number 23...They do gematria in a crazy way....but he also does regular gematria in the movie if you pay attention....He first tells us that 32 is the reverse of 23 and Fingerling calls it "Fate"....and Fate is 32...
The movie literally shows us gematria, but then the color pink scene makes you think the whole thing is crazy. 


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  1. Minnesota is the 32nd state
    Queen pink slipper orchid is state flower