Saturday, May 16, 2020

Death of Fred Willard in connection to Trump touting the Space Force's 'super duper' missile

Notice he was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and they made fun of Trump and Space Force. Willard was supposed to be on an unmade TV series called Space Force...then Netflix actually did make the show which is going to premiere on 5/29/2020. 
What are the odds that the same day he dies we get an article about Donald Trump and Space Force...Trump touts new Super Duper missile. 

Fred Willard died 241 days after his birthday. 
The 53rd prime number is 241. 
Super Duper=53
Space Force=53

Donald Trump announced he wanted to create a space force on 6/18/2018...Notice the Jimmy Kimmel episode Willard was in was 53 days after this too. 

Notice he also died 4 months 4 days before his bday. 

Recall the Space Force was created on 12/20/2019 which was 5 months 1 days after the anniversary of the Moon landing. 
Moon=51 and 15
Interesting this story comes on 5/15. 

Interesting too that 5/15 was 76 days before NASA's annivesary on International Tiger Day..

His wife Mary Willard died in 2018 too. She died age 71 and 68 days before his bday. 
Mary Willard=71 and 136
Fred Willard=68
Notice he died on the 136th day of 2020 too. 

What else I find really interesting is that he is the voice of Wally Kogen on the Simpson's episode, "Sunday Cruddy Sunday". Recall this is the episode that was important to my uncle Barney dying...also this year a bunch of videos were out saying it showed the 49ers to win the Super Bowl....then Barney's wife Betty died just after the Super Bowl. What no one was pointing out was the team that looked like the 49ers was actually the Falcons in the episode. 

It makes me think of NASA yet again though...
Recall Barney died just before getting on HWY 175 where the mascot of the town is a Falcon. Barney also died 175 days after his birthday. I had synchronicity with the Flintstones episode on channel 175 just after her died. 
Ryan Tannehill replaced by Matt Moore...then Matt Ryan made the Super Bowl with the Falcons...his bday is 17/5. 

Think about Elon Musk and the Falcon Heavy missiles rockets. 

Fred Willard=58 and 112
Eugene Cernan=58 and 112
NASA established in 58'. 

To be honest I remember Fred Willard most from the film "How High". ..I feel like there's an important scene from one of his films that I am missing too...I looked at his films and I just can't seem to recall what I am trying to remember. Possibly it was because I recently watched Austin Powers? Or I see he's also in the first Harold and Kumar too. 


  1. 5/29/2020 would've been JFKs 103rd birthday. Mercury = 103 ordinal. Ethiopian Flight 302 crashed on 10/3. Trump wants to change the color scheme of Air Force One that has been used since JFK. JFKs only surviving daughter, Caroline, is in Boeing's Board of Directors. She joined on World Lion Day: August 10th, 2017. Lion Air Flight 610 crashed on the 302nd day of the year. Trump's next Mercury bday is May 23. 5/23. Donald Trump = 523 satanic. Obama is a Leo.

  2. What I remember about Fred Willard is that he was the president in Wall-E before humans left an uninhabitable Earth. Precursor to disaster by that logic.

  3. Funny since zach has been talking about Artificial Intelligence and whatnot. In wall-e the humans have to overcome the AI aboard the ship. And technically Willard isn't a president but a "global CEO". But the podium he's behind is clearly based on the White House podium.