Friday, May 8, 2020

Brian May of Queen hospitalized-Remake of We are the Champions-Freddie Mercury-Mandela Effect

Queen's guitarist Brian May gets injured in the month of MAY? 
I'm surprised this story didn't come on 5/2. 
Brian May=52
Gluteus Maximus=52

Notice how the article then tells us they just remade the song, "We are the Champions" for Coronavirus. 

The put the song out on 4/30? 
You got to be kidding me. 
Recall that this song is important to the Mandela Effect sync that I discovered on 4/29 and 4/30 of 2019. I even mentioned this song a few days later in my posts involving it. 

Remember the movie Bohemian Rhapsody is about Freddie Mercury's life up the Live AID concert...that concert was for the famine in Ethiopia set up by Bob Geldof(Pink). 

Freddie Mercury's birthday was 9/5. 
The Kentucky Derby moved to 9/5. 
Mandela Effect=95
Nelson Mandela dying age 95. 

The song released 80 days before May's bday on the 201st day of 2020. 
Freddie Mercury=80
He died 80 days after his bday. 

Adam Lambert's bday is 173 days before Brian May's..
The Mighty Ducks=173

Ha, and Queen has a connection to Tigers....notice the son of Roger Taylor is named, "Rufus Tiger Taylor". The middle name was chosen by Freddie Mercury...Plus Rufus reminds me of Time Travel/Bill and Ted....Rufus Sewell? 

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