Friday, May 15, 2020

Death of Beckett Cypher-JFK-The Simpsons-Jesuits

Looking further at the connection to Neil Young and David Crosby with the death of Beckett Cypher....
Notice how David Crosby had drama with his band the Byrds when he talked about JFK conpsiracy theories on stage. 
This is interesting considering Neil Young's new wife, Daryl Hannah once dated JFK Jr. for 5 and half years. 

David Crosby talked crap on Daryl Hannah too, and ever since Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young haven't performed. 

The reason it stands out even more is because Melissa Etheridge has the same bday as JFK...She was born exactly 44 years after him. 
Beckett died 17 days(end date) before her 59th bday. 
The 17th prime is 59. 
JFK born in 17'. 
John F. Kennedy=59
Kennedy became the president 59 years ago. 

Recall how 44 is important to JFK and Trump meeting the Pope...
JFK the 44th term president..
Trump's bday is 17 days(end date) after JFK's. 

Think how the Jesuits are connected to Coronavirus..201 and so on as well. 
Trump declared Coronavirus a national emergency on Pope Francis' anniversary being the pope...
JFK died 56 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
He also died 25 days before Pope Francis' bday. 

JFK met the new Pope Paul VI 144 days before he died in 1963. Trump met the Pope on the 144th day of the year. 
Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini=201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201
Ignatius of Loyola=201
Francis Xavier=201(FB)

Society of Jesus=56

Two Hundred One=244(FB)
Remember the Jesuits and Freemasonry founded in France. 
The Illuminati is important to the French Revolution. 
It's the 244th year of US and Illuminati...

Also think how the president's first day is 20/1. 

Even better is that Bobby has been leaving me messages that involve JFK/Trump and the number 59. 
59th election coming up. 
In light of Bobby's comment too...
Beckett died 193 days before the anniversary of JFK dying. (5/13 to 11/22)
Beckett Cypher=193(FB)
193 is the 44th prime number. 

Also I documented about Lou Diamond Phillips around the time of the Stand By Me theme...this theme really began when noticing the connection of Marilyn Manson/Rose McGowan to JFK/Marilyn Monroe/Charles Manson...Trump releasing the JFK files on Hillary Clinton's bday.  

The Marge in Chains episode even has a part where they try to blame the JFK assassination on Marge Simpson. 
Marge Simpson=201(FB) and 59
The Simpsons=59

Also in regards to the Simpsons....think about Neil Young and the band Buffalo Springfield...
Springfield is the setting for the Simpsons. 
Remember Donald Trump came down the escalator listening to Neil Young before he announced he was running for president....then the Simpsons did a short video of Homer coming down the escalator...

The guy in Buffalo Springfield I really don't know Richie Furay has an interesting bday....5/9 of the year 44'. He just turned 76...Perfect for the Tiger theme...

Neil Young shares a bday with Charles Manson..
Remember last year Neil Young was important to the Anarchadelphia/Harvest Moon...
This year the Harvest Moon falls on 10/1....Las Vegas shooting...Jimmy Carter's bday....I only mention him because the Marge in Chains episode makes fun of Jimmy Carter. 
Plus the Moon is important to 201 and this year being the 51st anniversary of the moon landing....The Harvest Moon is based around the Autumnal Equinox on 9/22, which is the day the French Republic was established/Pope Francis visited the US. 

The day before Trump's bday is the day leaving 201 days in the year. 
The Day Before=144

Neil Young also wrote the song, "Philadelphia" for the movie Philadelphia....Tom Hanks character is Andrew Beckett....the film also has Mary Steenburgen who I just documented about..

JFK also has a famous quote about riding the back of a Tiger from his inauguration day. 
I assume he is referring to the Soviet Union in his speech. 

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