Friday, May 15, 2020

Synchronicity with a toddler who got outside today

I have to document this sort've synchronicity. On May 2nd, my kid Zamien opened up the door in the early morning and went out outside. I was upstairs sleeping, and my girlfriend was running late for work, so she didn't pick up the babysitter. The babysitter is her brother who lives in our old house, so if she doesn't pick him, he usually walks up around 7:30-8am. However at some point between the time my girlfriend left to 8ish my kid went outside by himself. A bunch of people found him and called the cops and so on...The babysitter thought he was upstairs with me, so no one knew he left. Normally Zamien sleeps upstairs with me, but for some reason that night he slept on the couch with Jasmine..his 9 year old sister was sleeping on the couch Jasmine figured he would be ok for a bit until her brother got there, and he was still sleeping when Jasmine left. So people find him and end up calling the cop so he had to file a report. There's more to the story, but it's just too confusing to really add, for example the neighbors had to know it was my kid, but they got confused when they saw the babysitter smoking on the porch not seeming worried about  a missing kid.
Anyway, of course they had to send DHS over..but the lady basically just came and asked us what happened and then left. 

So today I was on my way to the bank, and a few blocks away from my house, I see a little kid around the same age as Zamien playing in the street. There was no one else around. I sat at the stop sign waiting to see if someone might have ran in the house for a second or something of the sort, but didn't see anyone....just this probably 2 year old in the street chasing a bird. I drove around the block a few times waiting to see if someone would come outside...but I finally stopped as he started walking up the hill....I knocked on the door of the house he was now in front of and it was a young girl that didn't know who he was....I didn't want to call the cops, but I didn't know who the kid was either....I eventually found the house he belonged to and the mom had just realized he was gone for pretty much the exact reason my kid got out. He just learned how to open the door and she was sleeping.....
I just think it's funny as I've never just randomly found a little child out in the street like this. To top it off the same thing happening to me less than 2 weeks ago...there has to be something important to this that I don't see....I don't know the people who live at the house as they are fairly new to town. I do see them from time to time as I work at the gas station, but I don't really know I can't even do gematria on it unless I find out who they are. 

I just checked my email too...Have to love that the first message is from BECKETT Media...after I the last 2 days of me basically documenting about Beckett Cypher. 

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