Friday, May 22, 2020

The movie Turbo has "We are the Champions" and "Eye of the Tiger"-Indy 500-Chase Briscoe wins Xfinity same day Trump was at Ford Company-Space

I'm watching the film Turbo and of course it has the song, "We are the Champions" in it. 

Interesting the Indianapolis 500 is scheduled for what would have been Kobe Bryant's 42nd birthday. 
Tiger=76 and 201(Jewish)

The film Turbo came out in 2013 too, which is the year Kobe tore his achilles. 

Recall Mike Pence is in charge of coronavirus and he's from Indiana...He went to college in Indianapolis...the land of the INDIAN. 

Also interesting the voice of the best racer in the film...the French-Canadian Racer 'Gagne' is Bill Hader. 
Notice he shares a bday with Mike Pence....He's also in the film Trainwreck that was synced up to the Batman shooting. 

Recall the singer Prince wrote the soundtrack for the 1989 Batman movie too. Prince has a bday of 6/7 as well and his death was synced to the Indians being in the World Series against the Cubs. 


Ha, so a bit later in this movie when Turbo starts driving better they play a remake of "The Eye of the Tiger"...the announcer then says, "Despite a ROCKY start"....
Remember Sylvester Stallone will turn 76 years old on 7/6 during the year of the Tiger. 
Eye of the Tiger=76
Rocky will turn 76 on 7/6 just before the year of the Tiger..and will be 76 years old

The year of the tiger begins 155 days before 7/6....or 5 month 6 days with the end date..
Coronavirus=56 and 155

We had this story yesterday that Chase Briscoe wins the Xfinity race in Darlington after his wife lost their baby. 
Interesting it's the race in Darlington...recall last year the Darlington race was important to Anthoine Hubert dying...

Notice he wins 5 months 6 days after his bday during the time of coronavirus. 

Chase David Wayne Briscoe=98
Darlington Raceway=98
He drove the # 98 car. 
The date of 5/21....The 98th prime number is 521. 

Also interesting to note that it was a span of 159 days after his bday. 
Marissa=159(FB)(His wife's name)
Chase Briscoe=159(FB)
Recall how Nascar was synced this year to Donald Trump attending the Daytona was delayed until presidents day on 2/17...the 48th day...
Donald Trump=48 and 159
Ryan Newman=142=Coronavirus   got in a wreck. 

The other big news yesterday was Trump not wearing a mask at the FORD company...Cars.......Chase Briscoe even drives a FORD.
The Ford company is in Michigan and this comes a day after the major news was flooding in Michigan. 
Mask=44 and 64
Michigan=44 and 64

Chase Briscoe is 25 years old. 
This Ford story came 25 days(end date) before Trump's bday. 
Henry Ford the Freemason who hated Jews and inspired Germans before World War II...yet the Nazi's supposedly hated Freemason's and Jews....Ford died on 4/7/47. 

The date of 21/5 is also interesting..
Chase David Wayne Briscoe=215

Chase is also from Mitchell, INDIANA....this is where Gus Grissom was from...he is the 2nd american to go to Space. 

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  1. Dan, can you look into the death of John Andretti. He died at age 56 (Corona Virus) on January 30th.

    The Andretti family is from Pennsylvania, like Kobe Bryant.
    His memorial was held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where they drove his hearse around the track.

    He died January 30th, Indianapolis Five Hundred = 130.

    thank you