Friday, May 29, 2020

The footage of George Floyd's death

Question that I cannot seem to find? Why were the cops even holding him down like this for so long anyway? They just hold him down until an ambulance why did an ambulance come if he was just being held on the ground? For example, they held him on the ground for minutes before he even passed what were they waiting for? Why not put him in the cop car considering there were 4 cops right there? Were they originally waiting for an ambulance even before he passed out? As always, it just doesn't make any sense. 
The guy bitching at the cops also mentions how he trained at the Academy. 


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  2. This has to be a hoax. Floyd and Chauvin used to work together. Prince Hall Freemasonry lodge right down the block. Also notice the woman saying his nose is bleeding, but you can never see that! The same bitch then makes comments about "whites love to mess with blacks" just to stoke more racism.

  3. Stories all morning about how cities were rioting all over america last night. Today, may 31, is the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa race riots that began when a black man allegedly assaulted a white woman. Black neighborhoods were ransacked and hundreds were killed.

    1. Update: if you watch zach's video about floyd and chauvin being coworkers, start at the 21 minute mark. He begins to talk about the significance of 99. Racism = 99, eric garner choked by # 99, etc.

      21 years ago was 1999, and 99 years ago was 1921.

      The tulsa race massacre/riots.
      May 31, 1921, exactly 99 years ago, was "the single worst case of racial violence in American history" per wikipedia.

      You can research it, but long story short, the whites ransacked and burned an upscale black neighborhood. Killed and imprisoned hundreds. This happened in greenwood village, in tulsa ok, which at the time was also referred to as "The BLACK WALL STREET"

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