Sunday, May 24, 2020

Adam Weishaupt died 201 days after the anniversary of the Illuminati

I was just writing about Chet Hanks and the Illuminati in the book and I realized an interesting thing. We have been talking about the importance of coronavirus to the Jesuits and the number 201. Remember the story of Chet and Tom Hanks was synced to the Illuminati, who was created by jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt....
Notice he died 201 days after the anniversary of founding the Illuminati? 
Maybe someone already pointed this out, but I haven't been following much I'm posting it so I won't forget. 

Recall, he was born the same day Elizabeth II became the Queen which is 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary too. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
So on...

The Illuminati founded 150 days before the jesuit anniversary..

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