Thursday, May 28, 2020

George Floyd story in relation to the Houston Rockets

The story of George Floyd is obviously connected to the NBA with LeBron James and so on.....I get the Lakers connections, but I have been following the Rockets all season too. Notice that George Floyd was wearing a Rockets hat, and is from Houston...Plus the delayed SpaceX launch just after his's obvious this same them is going on..
I say this even further because the Rockets and Twolves played each other on their final games before the Coronavirus suspension. 

George Floyd was born in 93'
Minnesota Timberwolves=93
Minneapolis, Minnesota=93
Darnella Frazier=93
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
The story 93 days before he originally knelt. 

Floyd is 46...
Houston, Texas=46

Kaepernick originally knelt on James Harden's 27th birthday too. 


  1. Yao Ming from CHINA, Corona Virus from China.

    Vikings play at Texans this year on October 4th.

  2. Man I love this gematria stuff from you guys until I see statements like "George Floyd born in 93'" when he was born in 73, but that doesn't fit the 93 thing, so... you went with 1993. Why? Please, I'm not trying to troll, I just want to know why you state he was born in 93...?