Thursday, May 21, 2020

Boy Chosen at Panchen Lama disappeared in 1995-China says he now a college grad-Dalai Lama-India

I have recently mentioned the importance of Houston/Dalai Lama/China in the synchronicities while writing the book. 
Look at the Dalai Lama gematria. 
Tenzin Gyatso=201(FB) and 59
Notice his birthday is 7/6. 
Tiger=76, 59 and 201
Tibetan uprising=76

The Panchen Lama went missing on 17/5...
Tenzin Gyatso=175
Houston Rockets=175

Panchen Lama=140(FB)
China said this on the 140th day of 2020. 

I still do not know enough in regards to the the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama, but this is for sure important. 
Notice the Panchen Lama is currently 31 years old too. 

The Dalai Lama fled to India. 

The boy was chosen 6 years after the previous Panchen Lama died. 
This means that he was chosen when Choekyi Gyaltsen would have been 56 years old. 
Panchen Lama=56
Notice Choekyi died age 50 and was born on the 50th day. 

Their bdays were 88 days apart. 
Panchen Lama=88

I'll have to go back and listen, but right when I clicked on this article I swear Zach said, "Lori Llama" in regards to Lori Lightfoot....maybe that's not what he said lol, but I thought I heard the word llama. 
Update: he didn't say Llama...he said she was born the same day as OBAMA...
Obama the Llama? 
It honestly makes me think of the movie, "The Emperors New Groove" that my family has recently watched over and over. 
In regards to JOE from the post I made after this...I pointed out that the guy who voices Joe on Family Guy also voices a character on that movie....I had to look it up, because while watching that film I instantly thought of Joe from Family Guy. 

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