Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tara Reade's allegation against Biden-Tara Reid in talks about Tiger King-Prince Charles-India-Harold and Kumar-Tiger-Turbo

I love how there is a story about Prince Charles just below Joe Biden's sex allegation accuser named Tara Reade. 
Recall in 2016 when I was following the Ralph theme it was important to the Big Lebowski and actress Tara Reid who plays "Bunny" in the film. 
The last movie she was in at the time was called, "Charlie's Farm"...she was also important to the death of Gene Wilder...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 
I also went on to mention the film, "Van Wilder" as Tara Reid is also in that film...

It's interesting the above article about Prince Charles is about helping Farmers too. Charlie's Farm...

Oddly enough Tara Reid is in Talks to play Tiger King's Carole Baskin in a movie spinoff...this story came out on 5/16. 
This is interesting to me because actor Kal Penn is also in the film Van Wilder. He's the Indian guy in Harold and Kumar that I have said is important...and it was important to the date of 5/16/2019. He's also the star of the 2nd Van Wilder movie. 

Tara Reid=76

Further I think this is important to Kal Penn, because the Tara Reid Tiger King news story came the perfect amount of days from her bday. 
Kal Penn=176(Jewish)
Kalpen Suresh Modi=190

King Charles=190
Prince Charles=68
Charlies Farm=68

Have I pointed out that "Tiger King"=195(FB)? 

I have also seen a whole bunch of recent stories about India too. Today we found out they are bracing for the strongest ever storm in the Bay of Bengal...

Notice that Prince Charles was in India on his last birthday too(age 71). 

There's even reports that Prince Charles was cured of Coronavirus due to Ayurveda. 

I wonder if there is something important to Ryan Reynolds as well....He has a cameo in Harold and Kumar.....He's also in the film "Turbo". 
I haven't been documenting about this...but I have been seeing "Turbo" a ton in my life and it involved the movie Turbo I have never watched too. 
A young kid in the town I live died a while back and his nickname was Turbo...
I can't remember exactly what the syncronicity was but I was thinking about the word Turbo and then a few minutes later a guy at work started talking about the Turbo on his truck..or something of the sort...I then checked my email and I had a message from TurboTax. 

I see that the film also stars..."Richard Jenkins"...the dad in Step Brothers....and Samuel L. Jackson(Tiger book)
The film also has a lot to do with the INDIANapolis 500. 

Turbo=76 and 59
Tiger=76 and 59

Gonna have to watch the movie now I guess. 

Kal Penn used to work at the White House too? 

Tara Reade filed a police report against Joe Biden on 4/9...which was 44 days after her bday...Think how Tara Reid is 44 years old...
Joe Biden=44

Another interesting thing to note is that "D-Day" was important to the India narrative I was talking about...
Notice that Carole Baskin will turn 59 years old on the 76th anniversary of D-Day this year..
Tiger=59 and 76

One last thought in regards to Harold and Kumar...the other guy..John Cho is in the American Pie films that Tara Reid is in too....He's one of the MILF guys....Stifler's mom is a Cougar? 
Notice one of the last projects he worked with was called, "Tigertail" too. It came out on 4/10/2020. 

Harold and Kumar also has a scene with Fred Willard in it...
I'm wondering about the scene where they ride the Cheetah too...it's not a Tiger...but it's a large CAT. 

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