Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Death of Don Shula age 90

Don Shula dies age 90 on 5/4 after the Dolphins hosted Super Bowl 54? 

He dies 122 days or 4 months 1 day after his birthday. 
Don Shula=41 and 122
Super Bowl=41
His bday is also 4/1. 

This death has to be connected to the 1972 Dolphins that were undefeated. Especially with all the Elvis coding in regards to coronavirus. Remember Elvis in Hawaii was the same day of Super Bowl 7. 
Miami Dolphins=70

Interesting Bobby Beathard was part of the 72' Dolphins personnel too. Remember he was the Chargers GM when the 49ers last won a was over the Chargers....his nephew just died in 2019...

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