Thursday, May 7, 2020

Bridgegate convictions tossed by Supreme Court-201 area code-Bridge symbolism

This is yet again funny to me. While writing about the Big Bang Theory I was looking at my old information about Sheldon....He is also in the film, "Garden State"(New Jersey) and He goes to New Jersey to propose to Amy....The Scrubs guy that just died had me thinking about this too. The main character in Scrubs is Zach Braff, who is also the main guy in "Garden State". 
Plus the area of this bridge is in the 201 area code. 

The convictions get dropped on 5/7 by the Supreme Court. 
Supreme Court=57
Bridgegate=57 and 51
Notice Chris Christie is 57 years old, and the scandal happened when he was 51 years old. 
Even more interesting is that this comes 8 months 1 days after Christies bday. The number 81 is a major number in connection to bridges over the years...
Golden Gate Bridge=81
Minnesota Bridge Collapse on 8/1 and so on..
Fort Lee=81
Sheldon Lee Cooper=81

Christopher James Christie=125
This comes 125 days before the anniversary of Bridgegate. 

I'm wondering if there is something special to what I documented about previously with this..such as Obama/Kiefer Sutherland/24.....Queen Elizabeth II surpassing Victoria on 9/9...
This story coming 244 days after Chris Christie's bday too...
Princess Diana's anniversary of dying will be the 244th day of the 244th year of the US..

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