Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dwight Howard mourning after son's mother dies-Death of John Glenn's wife Annie Glenn

Melissa Amber Rios=110
She dies 110 days after Dwight Howard's bday. 
They didn't report the story until 5/15 which was 110 days after Kobe Bryant died. 

The story reported 49 days after she died and 5 months 8 days after Howard's bday. 
Melissa Rios=49
Dwight Howard=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Kobe Bryant=58

It's also interesting they used a Houston Rockets shirt in her obituary picture. 
Houston Texas=195(FB)
Tiger King=195(FB)
Her bday was on 6/19 which leaves 195 days in the year. 
Her upcoming bday would have been 195 days after Howard's bday. 

She died age 31. 

I find this even more interesting considering we also got the death of Annie Glenn today. She is the wife of John Glenn and recall he was synced up to the Houston Rockets in 2017. 
Annie Glenn=95 and 175
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175 and 95

National Aeronautic and Space Administration=666
John died 175 days before the 2017 NBA Finals at the age 95. 
This is when Chyna Thomas died....Isaiah played for the Boston Celtics...
Boston Celtics=195
The Rockets lost to the Celtics twice in the NBA Finals before winning back to back in 1994-1995. 

Also John Glenn died on Dwight Howard's 31st birthday. 

Sports aren't even being played right now, but nevertheless they are important to what's going on still. 

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