Thursday, May 5, 2016

Miss Universe Rome Lebron Falls on Jason Day's Wife

I was listening to a video I made about Leicester last night and I mentioned Lupercalia and Romulus and Remus. I remembered that Rome=51  but I never looked at the other forms of Gematria before. 

The 306th prime number is 2017  alot like next year. 
165 is the number Youtube was showing me by Copyright striking my video. 

I also noticed Colombia=165
This just brings back Memories of Steve Harvey messing up at Miss Universe. I made a video how they were doing a lot of Columbia Coding with this.  The Missouri Tigers(Columbia) Hunger Strike and other stuff. 
The Miss Universe Pageant had a lot to do with the number 80 as well. 
King Charles III=80
He messed up the crown, almost foreshadowing a shift in Power. 

3 days prior we had Lebron Fall on Ellie Day on Pope Francis' 79th bday. Also the day Zaevion Dobson died. 
Notice the play was him and Ibaka chasing the ball. 9 and 23.  

Amazing Ellie Day's maiden name is Harvey.  Jason Day also has many Philippines relatives  8 of them died in Typhoon Haiyan. Remember Miss Colombia was told she won Miss Universe but the real winner was Miss Philippines. 


  1. RFG chosen one is saying Cavs Win.
    ...reason why is because Obama is going to get a third term.

  2. Interesting how The 5 Pointed Baphomet star angles equal 9.

    9 Is Satans number which is important. MJ won a title in his 9th season like Lebron and as well as his 13th season.

    That 9 is everywhere for the Cavs. 9 years later after 07 the third the 9th season with the Cavs.....

    1993 when Jordan won and the Cavs were in the 23rd year of existence
    .....23 years later is 2016 buddy.

    "ALL IN 216" HMM Doesn't 216 go with the Celebrities deaths this year? 216 2x16 is 33....Which is CC.....

  3. Replies
    1. Lebron only wins the title when he plays in 23 games. The two sweeps already 8-0 the max he can lose is 6 games to win the title.