Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Death of Tupac's Mother/Michael Jordan's Father/Black Panthers Cavaliers/Warriors

Tupac's mother dies late May 2nd 2016. Yet another famous person dead age 69 this year. 
 Now this is why I get confused on what exactly the coding is for the Cavs and Warriors. They are definitely using both teams to code other events, but as for who is supposed to win the game is where I'm confused.    
Back to Back=69
She dies age 69. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168
Afeni Shakur Davis=69, 168 
Tupac's Mother=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lebron James=51
Quicken Loans=51
Cleveland hasn't won  sports championship in 51 years. 
Fifty One Years=69, 168 
Look at that...Her Real Name "Alice Faye Williams"=165
The number Youtube was telling me about. 
May Second Two Thousand Sixteen=112
Prince died on Queen's  90th Bday on the 112th day of the year. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168

She also dies 113 days or 3 months 22 days after her 69th bday. 
Afeni Shakur=113 

She also died 134 days before the 20th anniversary of Tupac's death. 
King Charles III=134
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles. 

Notice how they highlight "A Possible Cardiac Arrest". 
A Possible Cardiac Arrest=218, 92
Two Hundred Nineteen=218, 92
Back to Back Championships=219
Warriors Win Back to Back=92
Listen to the Video Clip on the CNN article too. 
She says she didn't think she would ever get to keep Tupac but 1 month and 3 days before he was born she was aquitted. (It's also the video Dear Mama on Youtube) 
Tupac Mother's death CNN Clip

Tupac Born on June 16th. 

So his mom was aquitted on 5/13. The 134th day of the year. 
Also interesting it's 34 days. I've mentioned a lot about how the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34 points on 1/18  34 Cavs games after Lebron was 9 of 23. Warriors also won NBA Finals last year on 6/16. 

If Tupac was still around he would be 44 years old right now too. 

They also tell us about his tribute to his Mom with the song "Dear Mama". 
Dear Mama=152(Jewish)
Seventy Nine=152
Many others I have mentioned previously and how it connects to Warriors/Cavs/Pope Francis/Amtraks/Other....
Dear Mama=56(Reduction)  

Dear Mama also came out on 2/21/95.  The 52nd day of the year. Then his mom dies on 5/2. The Album it's on comes out on Pi Day. 3/14/95. 
 Interesting the next single on the Album came out on June 13th. Another Day I have been mentioning because this year it's the 165th day. 
2/21 to 6/13 is also a span of 112 days. 
The final Single came out 8/29 which is Judgement Day in Terminator 2.  "Temptations"=152 

A big thing that also stuck out to me was that she was born in Lumberton, North Carolina. She was a Black Panther and we've had all the death/losses of Carolina Sports teams this year including the Panthers in the SB.

I also remembered Michael Jordan's dad was murdered in Lumberton, North Carolina. 
James Raymond Jordan Sr=237
He dies on 23/7. 
Larry Martin Demery=219
Daniel Andre Green=136  (June 13) 
I never realized he died age 56 before, just 8 days before 57th bday. Remember he died on the Beginning of the Dog Days of Summer(Sirius)  and the Bulls entrance song was Sirius by the Alan Parsons Project. 

So Tupac's mom dies 2 months 21 days before the 23rd anniversary of Jordan's dad too. 
She dies on 5+2+16=23
Lebron is # 23 and wore # 9 in Olympics.
Jordan was # 23 and wore # 9 in Olympics. 
It's also weird because Michael Jordan retired the 1st time on 10/6/93  2 months 13 days after his dad was murdered. Then he came back and won a second three peat. 
Last year the Warriors won Finals 122 days after Valentines day when Zach Lavine did the Space Jam Dunk. 
Golden State=122
The Warriors also signed Kevon Looney this season.  Get it Looney Tunes?   Looney was the best player that year(2015) on Valentines day for UCLA.  Lavine from UCLA, Westbrook won all Star Game MVP(UCLA). 
Kevon Looney however is hurt right now, but still on the Warriors team.   
I don't even know where I'm going with this lol but it's all connected, I just can't figure out the point in my head.   Almost as if they are coding Michael Jordan's story Backwards or something. 

In real life Jordan's dad dies in 1993, then Jordan retires 1993. Plays Baseball comes back3/19/1995  and loses in the playoffs in 1995.  Then Wins 1996 Finals on 6/16. Then Space Jam comes out on 11/15/1996 depicting Jordan winning the Finals.  
6/16 to 11/15 is 152 days. 

Warriors just defeated the 1996 Bulls records,  Tupac dies in 1996 also. 

Tupac dies 52 days after the 3rd anniversary of Jordan's dad murder. 

Tupac shot 2 months 22 days after Bulls won Finals in 1996. 
Interesting  September 7th is 9/7 or 7/9.  
Seventy Nine=152
Lot's of 79 this year in previous posts.

Jordan's dad dies 22 years 9 months 9 days before Tupac's mother. Just sticks out because of the 99 stuff I've mentioned in regards to president's being assassinated. 
Lincoln died 9 hours 9 minutes after being shot. 
The first president to die in office was the 9th president William Henry Harrison. The next president to die in office will be the 9th president to die in office.  Obama is 9 presidents after JFK the last president to die in office. JFK the 44th term president. Obama the 44th president. He sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's funeral 9 days after 9 people were shot. It was also 9 months and 9 days before 4/4/16. 

Panther 21 is also the Case that Tupac's mom was aquitted on. 
It was in 1969 even. 
The were supposedly going to attack the 44th Police Station 
and the 24th Police station.
The X theme is all about the 24. 
Remember the Superbowl and the Black Panthers tributes....
Carolina=37, 73   12th prime is 37  21st prime is 73. 
North Carolina the 12th State. 
Illinois the 21st state.  
I have multiple posts on this in regards to the Superbowl. 
Score was 24-10. 
X=10(Roman Numerals)
Beyonce Knowles=69, 168 did the Black Panthers Tribute with X outfit like Michael Jackson. 
Little=24(real last name)
They were indicted on 4/2?  I mean come on... 42 and 59 all around Black People. 
Black History Month in February. 
February=42 (Only month to do so)
February has 59 days. and 60 Leap year. 
Motown came out in the 1959. 
Much much more....

Panther Twenty One=223, 79   

Got to got to bed, but this death super significant in a lot of things I've been mentioning. 


  1. Berg I remember You said Warriors played on 5/1...Space Jam 2 News Starring Lebron came out the following day the 123rd day of the year.

    As well as Lebron breaking Micheal Jordans Playoff wins record. Coincidence?

  2. Berg I remember You said Warriors played on 5/1...Space Jam 2 News Starring Lebron came out the following day the 123rd day of the year.

    As well as Lebron breaking Micheal Jordans Playoff wins record. Coincidence?