Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ryan Warned: Back Trump 105

Back Trump=105

Just love How CNN always does this with their articles. They give a video of 1:05 matching the Headline. 

The interview starts at 4:03 and skips over to 4:04 ET right away. 
That means 1:04 PT. 
404 a very special number in regards to Pope Francis/Revelation/KJV. 
Pope Francis=404  arrived in US at 4:04pm on 9/22/15.
KJV is from 404 years ago until 5/15 then it will be 405. 
404 verses in Revelation.
Prince Charles=404

Right before the clip ends the clock turns to 4:05 ET also 1:05 PT. 
How interesting is that? 
Blood Moon=105
September Twenty Eighth=105(Last blood moon)
Nine Eleven=105
Gay Marriage=105
Amazing Grace=105 
Obama sang Amazing Grace on 6/26 the same day Gay Marriage Legalized. 
Correspondents Dinner=105
Age of Pisces=105
Back to the Future Part III=105 (Involves the 131)
I actually noticed a lot of 105 in a lot of things. I'm wondering if that's what I was supposed to see in my Copyright Claims video's? 
Twenty Two Jumpstreet Decode=105
The Warriors even scored 105 points in their loss to Portland on 2/19. 
It's going down for Real=105 (Remember how that song started playing on my itunes in the middle of making a video?)
Old Videos=105

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