Wednesday, May 25, 2016

234 Warriors/Thunder Kevin Durant/Westbrook Back to Back/Royalty Themes 211

Warriors get blown out again by the Thunder tonight. I mean honestly Curry even missed multiple layups it was so obvious. 

The main reason I kept my Warriors pick was because of the Back to Back Theme that is undeniable. For Whatever the reason they are really programming us with the Phrase Back to Back. I even saw it on a Baseball game yesterday. Also on Nick Jr even.  I have shown how the Back to Back theme connects to other teams as well though. Every NBA game they mention Back to Back Multiple Times.  

I wonder how long they've actually been programming us with Back to Back too. The Royals won the World Series, but had lost the previous year.  They lost to San Francisco who didn't make it Back to Back like the Royals did. 
Kansas City Royals=212
Prince Charles of Wales=212
2/12 also Abe Lincoln's Bday.  
Mayan Calendar 21/12/12. 
There's literally so much info that just keeps repeating. 

Tonight after the Warriors lost though they didn't show Back to Back they showed "Consecutive" losses. 

As I mentioned back in Feb/March OKC had a lot of sacrifices this year although I wasn't sure if it was for this year or not. Aubrey McClendon, Dion Waiters Brother, Monty Williams Wife.  As I think back about last year I followed Russell Westbrook a whole lot because he was surrounded by 22 and  222.  He kept getting Triple Doubles(222)  even born on 11/12.  111X2=222. 
Westbrook went to "UCLA"=222(Jewish)
The reason he had a such a great season though was because Durant kept getting hurt supposedly. So maybe Durant being hurt last year was even a sacrifice for this year. 
Look at that..Durant's last game last season was on 2/19. 
Back to Back Championships=219
NBA season began on 10/27/15 to Finals is 219 days. 
He was even 4-14 shooting. 
Back to Back=414(English)
Durant played College at "Texas"=69
Back to Back=69(Simple)
Kevin Durant=139
Triple Double=139
Kevin Durant=1189(Jewish) 
How did I not see this before? Lol. 
Especially when I have mentioned June 14th being Donald Trumps 70th bday in the 70th NBA season.  Also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope.  14/6  a number associated to Philadelphia/Aubrey Mcclendon.   
Mcclendon's middle name even KERR and he Rigged Bids. He died 14 weeks 6 days before 14/6.  
Donald J Trump=1189(Jewish)
Interesting as I was looking down the list on
I saw   "Omaha Weather"=1189(Jewish)
Back in January I was mentioning Omaha in regards to Earthquakes and Tornado's, so just sticks out to me. Maybe nothing, but who knows. 
I also saw "Corey Taylor"1189(Jewish)  
The lead singer of Slipknot...from Iowa. Also probably the most trolled video I have ever made on Youtube was about Corey Taylor and Kanye West. It was even about the Royalty theme that's been a big piece this year. 
In regards to the Warriors vs Thunder too.  The first time they played this year was on February 6th which was the 64th anniversary of Queen Eliz II being Queen.  

Durant even listed at 6 foot 9 inches. 
I wondered clear back in the Spurs vs Warriors game the significance of the halftime score being 35-35 as well.  Makes a little more sense now considering Durant wears # 35. 
Also in the Warriors Vs Thunder Game on 3/3 where Prince was, I pointed out someone in the crowd yelled "35 Reverse" 2 times at exactly 10:10 in the 3rd. 
Ten= 39(Simple) 234(English) 145(Jewish)
One Hundred Forty Five=234
Thirty Five Reverse=234
May Twenty Fourth=234
Henry Charles Albert David=234 (Prince Charles name)
Drake=234 (Song Back to Back..Raptors)
I'm Back=234 (Curry said this after Knee Injury just like MJ before he came out of retirement and lost) 
Robert Allen Zimmerman=234 (Bob Dylan and Bday is 5/24)
Russell Westbrook=234
Finals begin on 154th day of year. 
One Hundred Fifty Four=234 
April 23 or 23/4.  April Twenty Third=222

The English Civil War also began on the 234th day of the year 8/22. How interesting considering how the X, 24, 10 all connect to the Black Panthers. 
Superbowl 50  score was 24 to 10. (Beyonce X theme/Black Panthers)
The leader of Black Panthers Huey P Newton dies on 8/22/1989. 
Even the voice of the Black Panther on the Jungle Book died on 8/22. 
8/22 leaves 131 day in a year. 
Prince Charles=131  
It's messed up cause the Warriors have a lot of connections to 131 but it's really starting to seem as though it's not connected to Championship, but connected to only Prince for them. 
Steph Curry Injured=234
Curry Hurt Knee on 4/24 or 39 days before Finals(Ten). 
Warriors went into series against OKC after beating Blazers on 5/11. 5/11 leaves 234 days in the year. 
Remember How Curry was first hurt the game surrounded with 112. 
Two Hundred Thirty Four=112(Simple)  2424(Jewish)
10=X Roman Numerals  X=24. (Simple)
112 is bad number around the Warriors this year. 
Although Warriors beat Grizzlies on 11/2 by 50 points. The Grizzlies scored 69 points.  It was their worst loss since 1995-96 Season(Bulls 72 wins)
Of Course 24 hasn't been good  for the Warriors either this year either. 
They lost tonight by 24 points. 
They lost Game 1 when leading with 60 points at Half. Kobe's retirement 60 point game. Kobe wears # 24. 

Warriors also lost the game 3 on 5/22 by 28 points. 
3/3(Prince Game) to 5/22 is 2 months 19 days. 
Curry turned 28 years old on 3/14 or 2 months 19 days before 6/2(Finals). 
Remember Warriors lost after winning 28 games in a row stemming back to last season this year before losing to Bucks. 
They were chasing the 33 game win streak of the Lakers from 44 years ago when "Jerry West"=44 and wore # 44 was on the team. 
Twenty Eight=156
Thirty Three=156
911 is 156th prime. 
Curry scored 33 points on 3/3. 
Today's game 5/24 was 33 days after Prince died on 4/21. 
The loss to the Bucks was on 12+12+20+16=60 and Curry had 28 points. 
Warriors lost to Portland on 2+19+20+16=57
Twenty Eight=57
Curry's Knee Injury on 4/24 was 28 days before Warriors lost by 28 to OKC on 5/22. 
Flight 804 went missing 28 days after the Death of Prince. 
Warriors also won 28th game on Christmas against the Cavs. 

Thunder also played Cavs on 12/17(Pope's 79th Bday) when Lebron Fell on Jason Day's Wife. 
Exactly 24 weeks or 168 days before the Finals. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

Dion Waiters is also a former Cleveland Cavalier. When he was a Cav he was the leading scorer on 12/8/2014.  Prince William was in the attendance of this game as well. 
Waiters from Philadelphia. 
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128
Flight Eight Hundred Four=128 
Waiters brother died 2 months 11 days before Flight 804 missing. 
Demetrius Pinckney=211 (His brother)
The death of Monty Williams Wife wasn't reported until 2/11. 
Remember a long time ago I mentioned how Lebron shot 9 of 19 on 11/2 and then 9 of 23 on 11/4(211 days before the Finals)? 
Warriors even beat the Knicks on 1/31 with a total score of 211. It made the Warriors 44-4. 
Pope Francis gave a speech on Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern exactly 128 days before 1/31(End  date). He started at exactly 4:44pm. 

I also had a feeling Warriors were going to lose when I saw the Halftime Score in Game 4. 
53 has also been a bad number for the Warriors in most cases this season. 
They lost 1st game of season to Bucks giving them a 24-1 record. 
53rd prime is 241. 
Warriors 4th loss was to Detroit on 
Warriors lost 53rd game on 2/19 to Portland. 
They did however beat OKC on 2/27 to get their 53rd win. 

It's highly unlikely the Warriors win 3 in a row to advance to Finals, but who knows.  Like I've said tons of times, I never even should've made a pick, instead I should've just shown the info like I did without saying my opinion on how to read the info. Maybe so many people wouldn't be butt hurt over it. The connections I showed to the Warriors are all there, yet the connections must have a different meaning then what I've seen in the past. That's why I've been trying to look deeper to find exactly what the numbers mean and why they sometimes have different meanings at different times. 
We will see though, maybe for some weird reason Warriors will make a comeback, but I doubt it. 


  1. Good stuff Dan,

    Seems too fitting for a Game 7 in Golden State. With the Prince tribute as you pointed out. Writings on the wall, likely with a reverse result. OKC in 7?

  2. In last nights game about the 4th quarter they were going to break and the color commentator forgot to say back to back so he threw it in right before commercial and it was awkward. It's like he was ribbed by Marv Albert to spit it out.

  3. GS had zero chance of repeating lol