Friday, May 20, 2016

Cnn's Will King Dies age 64

Yet again a story involving Royalty.  Cnn's own  "Will KING" dies today. 
Interesting I've been talking a lot about Prince Charles, but I've also mentioned I don't think if he becomes King that will will last long. 
In that case his son Prince WILLiam will become King. 
Notice even the picture shows him at CNN London. 

He also dies in Atlanta from Cancer. 
Remember the Astrology Symbol for Cancer is similar to "69". 
Atlanta in "Georgia"=44  
Only 2 states add to 44.  Wisconsin and Georgia. 
Ted Turner=44 

Just interesting in regards to my post yesterday about the Flight 804 and it's connections to the Royal Family.    
66 people on the Flight. 
Left "Paris France"=56  
Going to "Cairo Egpyt"=56
Much more..

The article also mentions A True Newsman. 
"A True Newsman"=46, 154
The Fresh Prince=154
George=154(Jewish)  Georgia? 
Princess Camilla=154
The 63rd anniversary of Queen Eliz II's coronation is on 6/2(154th day of 2016). 
Interesting Will King dies age 64 as well, Elizabeth II has been Queen for 64 years. 

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