Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Creeping Charlie and the Color Purple and 88

I just got up a bit ago and this article was in my Feed on Facebook. 
The reason it drew my attention was because I have it covered in my whole yard. 

It's a purple flower looking Weed.  I've never even heard of it until this year.  It's strange in regards to the Royal Family/Death of Prince stuff I have been mentioning.  
Prince...Purple Rain and what not. 
Purple is the Red and the Blue.  The As above so Below as well. 
On top of it being Called "Creeping Charlie".  I keep talking about how the media is coding Prince Charles like crazy. 

Interesting it's caused by lot's of Rain last fall and a Mild Winter. So this purple weed is caused by Rain. 

This Weed also called "Ground Ivy"=135
I've been mentioning 134, 135 together as May 13th is 13/5 and the 134th day of the year. 

I've also noticed a lot of Purple themed articles lately. 
The day Prince died Niagara Falls was turned Purple. It was in Honor of Queen Eliz II's 90th Bday though. 

We also got a story about Dwayne Wade being Heckled by the Purple Shit Guy. 

We also got this from TNT about CHARLES Barkley's Purple Tie. 
I love the comment they show with it from Nicholas Allcock(What a name).  The answer to his question is because they are focusing your brain on Purple. 

Purple=88 which is another reason why it's so important. 
I've mentioned before about how 88 seems to show up a lot around Satanic rituals. 
It's also the speed for Time Travel. If you watch the last "Paranormal Activity" it's all about this. They are doing a ritual with children in 1988 and somehow they are speaking to the people in 2013. At the end they go through a portal to 1988.  
That movie is even 88 minutes long. 
It came out on 10/23/13.   
10/23 is the day of the First Battle in the English Civil War. Also leaves 69 days in the year. 69 has been a very significant number this year especially connected to Death. 


Obama just said "Obama Out"=88 same day they showed the Snapchat of him being a demon. One of my first video's mentioned Obama and lot's of 88 connections.   Hillary Clinton had the Book "Hard Choices" with 88 Choices,  Isis stole 88 pounds of Uranium. Obama wanted 88 million dollars for Ebola. Even on the Chalkboard in I Pet Goat II it says EVOL T N=88   Lot's of other 88 stuff. 

Also in regards to Royalty.  Elizabeth=88
Also Maryland=88 and California=88. 
Maryland named in Honor of King Charles I's wife.  It's where the first death of the American Civil War was as well. 
King Henry VIII=88 (Separated from Catholics) 

Abe Lincoln even died 88 years 9 months 11 days after 7/4/1776. 

Creeping Charlie=88 even. 
Also CC   or 33. 

Purple also reminds me an experience I had in College. Whether anyone believes it or not, I know it happened and will never forget it. 
I bought Tarot Cards in 2002 and I remember they were supposed to be wrapped in Purple Silk. Although the set came with a more Blue looking cloth which always confused me. I messed with them for about a week and some absolute crazy stuff happened. They have been in the closet at my parents house ever since. 
I lived in an apartment with my friends and one day I came home and my friend was messing with the cards, which according to the pamphlet said no one else is supposed to touch them. Anyway later that night we heard all sorts of crazy sounds until finally we heard scratching on the Ceiling that came into our bedroom and the door slammed shut. I remember looking at my friend who shared the bedroom with me and we both were like "What the Fuck"? Of Course neither one of us could sleep, we got up looked around trying to figure out another reason how it was possible. Eventually we just went back to the room and tried to sleep. Later that night my friend woke me up because he said I speaking what sounded like German in my sleep. "Esch my Schlagen" or something like that. Moral of the story is I always wondered if it had something to do with the Blue Cloth instead of the Purple one.  

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