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Tupac connections to Prince, Above the Rim, Georgetown, Villanova, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan

I went back and Looked at some Tupac stuff.  All Eyez on Me was the last Album he released before he died. 

Notice the album came out on 2/13 and Tupac dies 213 days later. 
All Eyes on Me=133, 52.   
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=133, 313
Pope Francis is the Antichrist=133
He became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Interesting too, Tupac's mom dies on 5/2. 

1996 and 2016 are leap years so it would be the same amount of days.   Notice 2/13 to 5/2 is a span of 79 days Also 2 months 19 days. 

Prince even a Co Writer of Track 8 on this album. Heartz of men. 
In this song Tupac even says,  "I died and Came Back". 
Heartz of Men=131, 59 
Prince Charles=131   Pope Francis=59
Track Eight=323(Jewish)=Lucifer=Catholicism
Interesting my name "Daniel Behrendt"=323 as well.  
3/23 Also the Day Above the Rim came out which I mention Later. 
The whole Album has 27 songs.  So it's 8 of 27.   8/27 is the Robot Takeover Day according to Olivia Munn also Obama's 7th year 7th month 7th day as President....
I Am a Robot=323   so weird Draymond Green would say I am Not a Robot the day before Munn talks about that. 

Tupac's death also had a lot to do with the number 7.
Didn't relook it all back up but..
Dies age 25   2+5=7
Shot on 7th day of September. 
If you count that day, he dies 7 days later. 
Dies at 4:03.  4+3=7

The 7 Day Theory Album came out right after his death. 

These 2 albums came out 266 days apart. 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope. 
9/23 the 266th day of the year. 

There's a lot of Gematria connections to Tupac's death as well. 
Example.. Tupac Shakur=139  He dies on 13/9. 

Interesting if you break up the Album like it does with the colon you get this: 
The Don Killuminati=197, 80 
Seven Day Theory=219, 84 
How Interesting....
The Don Killuminati connected to Prince/Cavaliers/King Charles III. 
Seven Day Theory connected to Obama/Pope/Francis/Back to Back Championships. 

Tupac also sampled Prince on this album on the song "To Live and Die in LA". 
Interesting one of the lyrics talks about the Radio Stations 92.3 and 106.  
9/23 Julian is 10/6 Gregorian. 

The song also features Val Young.  Interesting her Bday is June 13th the 165th day of the year. 
The song he sample by Prince was "Do me Baby". 

Notice this song came out on the 197th day of 1982. 
Two Hundred Seven=197
Controversy=57  Prince dies age 57. 
Prince's 4th Album  and Tupacs 4th Track...44? 

I also noticed track 2 features a guy with Prince in his name. Look at that he died on 16/5. Famous for the movie Marked for Death. 
Joe Paquette=65 
Philadelphia=65  The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. 
So since I've pointed out how all of these connect to Basketball, I figured I'd take a look at Tupac's movie..."Above the Rim". 

The movie came out 2 years 1 month and 9 days before 5/2/1996. 

I'm gonna rewatch the movie after this post but just reading the description really sticks out to me.  
The main character is trying to go to Georgetown but caught up in the Hood with Tupac's character. 
Remember Georgetown is where Allen Iverson went. Iverson the Philadelphia connection. Also where Patrick Ewing Went. 
They are the only 2 people ever to be the #1 pick in the draft out of Georgetown. 

I started talking about the 134, 341, 431  stuff after the Virginia Cavaliers Coach Collapsed with 34.1 seconds. They were playing Hampton. Hampton is where Allen Iverson is from. Iverson also drafted in 1996 the same year Tupac died/the same year Michael Jordan and the Bulls won 72 game and Back to Back Championships. 
Iverson also born same day as Prince, in 1975. Prince dies age 57. 

Patrick Ewing has a lot of interesting connections I've mentioned previously. 
He's currently the Associate Head Coach of the Charlotte Hornets who are owned by Michael Jordan. 
Also interesting he's from KINGston, Jamaica. 
I just made a post about 50 cent being connected to Shakur/Tyson. He's from Jamaica, NY. Part of Queens. 

Ewing was also the Assistant coach for the Washington Wizards during Michael Jordan's Final year. Jordan's last game was against Philadelphia. The Cavs coach Tyronn Lue was also a starter in that game on MJ's team. 

Ewing also lost to MJ in 1982 in the Championship game against UNC. 
Ewing also on the Georgetown team that beat Houston in 1984. Then Lost Back to Back Championships to Villanova.  Villanova won the Championship in 2016 for the first time since 1985. 
Georgetown Hoyas=197, 80
The Killuminati=197, 80
197, 80 the King Charles/Cavaliers connections. 
Golden State Warriors=108 
Villanova Wildcats=199, 64
Cavs are in their 46th season.  199 is the 46th prime. 
Patrick Ewing=64
Notice they lost Back to Back with 64 points as well. 
Sixty Four=49, 157
Warriors=49=Chicago Bulls
Remember I just talked about the glitches and Blackouts connected to 157. 
One Hundred Fifty Seven=239, 104.  
104 connected to Cavs/Royalty   we are in 239th year of US. 

So Gonna watch that movie and see if I notice anything that might be telling.  

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