Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne Separate? Little Nicky, Prince

Ozzy and Sharon Supposedly Split. 
How fitting for a story of Ozzy coming out.  He's the "Prince" of Darkness. 

His name even tells the story. 
Remember Charles=207(Jewish)
Two Hundred Seven=197

82 also seems to be a significant number around him. 

Black Sabbath=82

He also bit the head off a bat in Des Moines in 82'.
Arrested for peeing on the Alamo in 82'. 
1982 was also the year Randy Rhoades died. 
He married Sharon on 7/4 1982. 

He was also born 12/3/48. 
Which mean in 1982 he was 33 years old for most of the year. 
Now him and Sharon Split after 33 years of marriage. 
Randy Rhoades=132
Eighty Two=132
Also in regards to my recent Copyright Claim and what not. I was born in 11/10/1982. 
The biting of the Bat reminds me of the movie Little Nicky. 

Ozzy bites Nicky's brother who turns into a bat's head off and spits it in the Flask. This whole movie is about Satan's Sons coming to Earth and it's killing Satan. Nicky has to stop them to save his dad. 
It also came out on 11/10. Funny I even got "high as hell" and went and watched this in the theater on my 18th bday. 

Another interesting thing to point out in this movie is the fact every time Nicky dies he always comes back to Earth at the Train Station.
One of Ozzy's most famous songs is "Crazy Train"=135
13/5....134 stuff. 
Doesn't have to be anything, but in the film Nicky's smart brother Adrian always reminded me of David Bowie. 

The other brother was Cassius(played by Tom Lister Jr). 
He's in a lot of interesting movies including Batman and also age 57, so might be a guy to watch out for this year. 

Interesting the guy who plays Satan is Harvey Keitel who was born on 3/13. Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13. 
Keitel also the main cop guy on the movie National Treasure. 

The main song on the movie is "School of Hard Knocks"
School of Hard Knocks=197
Also it's 4:04
Prince Charles=404
Pope Francis=404
Queen Camilla=404
Revelation is 404 verses. 
Francis arrived in US at 4:04pm
Also if using Julian Calendar KJV is still 404 years old until 5/14/16. 
I also remember when 9/11 happened POD's album called "Satellite" came out that day. 

Rodney Dangerfield also plays Grandpa Lucifer in the movie. 
Grandpa Lucifer=135, also 516(Jewish)
Interesting he died age 82 as well. 

Also Osbourne biting the head off the bat in Des Moines, Iowa really stands out to me. I just mentioned Iowa and Nebraska in my past few videos. In regards to the Canadian Fires and Obama going to Omaha right after his State of the Union..much more.. 

Des Moines, Iowa is where Donald Trump said he was Batman while giving helicopter rides. 
Iowa State Fair=57
Ozzy bites the head off the Bat? Also does it on 1/20/1982. 
Presidents begin their terms on 1/20 ever since the 20th Amendment. Which changed it from 3/4 to 1/20. 

Ozzy also bit the head off a Dove after getting his 1st solo record deal.  

I bet that Dove Cryed as it died. 
Notice this song came out on 5/16.  or 16/5. 

Alright well, I can't post anymore tonight. Google just won't allow it. Right as I was trying to post about When Doves Cry (for the last 2 hours) the Google Blog Page kept coming up with an 502 Error message. Go figure...

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