Thursday, May 5, 2016

50 Cent Makes fun of Autistic Kid Warriors/Cavs Royal Family, Tupac, Civil Rights, Presidential assassinations.

50 Cent in the news for mistaking an Autistic Kid as being high on the Job in the Airport.
Fifty Cent=108
Golden State Warriors=108

Andrew Ferrell=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

Got to love the picture they show too with him wearing a Chicago Bulls hat. 
He donate's 100 grand to  "Autism Speaks"=154
The NBA Finals begin on 6/2  the 154th day of the year. 
One Hundred Thousand Dollars=111
The NBA Finals=111

Interesting later in the Article they spell the Autistic Kid's name with an "A" instead of an "E". 
Andrew Farrell=65
Of course the NBA Finals among other things all year and last year connected to Philadelphia. 
Cent=15   so 50+15=65
Also A=1  E=5   15 or 51. 

How did 50 cent donate $100,000 too? I mean we just had the article back in February where he filed for Bankruptcy and then wrote out "Broke" in money. He said it was fake money when the court asked him about it. 
Kanye West=51
Remember he announced he was broke too right before he dropped his new album on Valentines day. 
The Life of Pablo=69
Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama.
Pope Francis was 15 years old in 1951.
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Queen Eliz II became Queen. 
Philadelphia=65, 101
101 years ago was 1915
65 years ago was 1951. 

I also find it interesting that 50 cent was almost murdered on 4/24/2000.  The 115th day of the year. 
Warriors first loss 1 month 15 days into season. 
Lost to Portland on the 115th day of the season. 
Curry hurt his knee on 115th day of 2016 on 4/24/16. 
50 Cent was shot 9 times with a 9mm.  
Abe Lincoln shot and died 9 hours 9 minutes later. Obama sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's Funeral 9 days after 9 people were shot.  9 months and 9 days later was 4/4 2016.  The first president to die in office was the 9th president who died on 4/4. If Obama dies he will be the 9th president to die in Office also 9 presidents after the Last president to die in office..JFK who was the 44th term president. Obama of course the 44th president. 
Golden State Warriors=99

The guy who supposedly shot him was "Hommo"
Interesting it's 168(Jewish)
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Beyonce Knowles=168
Taylor Swift=168
Much more...
Also Hommo=64
The link below is a whole post I made in regards to 64, Civil Rights, and the connections to Presidential assassinations.
64 Civil Rights, Obama, LBJ and more.
Hommo's real name was "Darryl Baum"=115
So he shoots 50 cent on the 115th day of the year? lol. 

50 Cent's real name is "Curtis Jackson"=46, 163
Barack Hussein Obama=163
Obama assassinated=163
Make America Great Again=163
Paul Davis Ryan=163
Golden State Warriors Repeat Champions=163
Grover Cleveland=163 (Only Non Consecutive Term President)
Train Derailment=163
One Hundred Sixty Three=108=Fifty Cent

Doesn't it seem a little strange too we just got the Death of Tupac's mother age 69.  Remember Tupac got murdered after the Mike Tyson Fight.  Darryl Haum was Mike Tyson's former bodyguard and Friend. 

50 cent even in a movie called "The Prince". 

Releasing his 6th studio album in August. Look what it says though.. It was supposed to release on 11/13/2012 but then 50 announced it was Pushed back when he was in France. I mean come on... The Paris attack on 11/13. 

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