Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thunder advance to Play Warriors Kawhi Leonard 9 of 23

I didn't get to watch this game and not sure If I will as my Dish Network got unplugged and now will not re load, so not sure If it recorded or not. 
Anyway I read someone's post on Facebook and found out Spurs lost so I just looked at the Boxscore. 

Notice Kawhi Leonard was 9 of 23? 
Just really makes me wonder if the 9 of 23 is good for Lebron and the Cavs? 
The Cavs lost on 3/29 when Irving was 9 of 23.  
The Hawks lost to the Cavs on 4/1 when Teague was 9 of 23. 
The first time Lebron was 9 of 23 was on 11/4 and they beat the Knicks. Then lost 51 days later to the Warriors on Christmas. 
Pope Francis turned 79 the 51st day of the season.  This was the same day Lebron fell on Ellie Day in the crowd. They beat the Thunder 104-100. 
Lebron was also 9 of 23 on 2/5 and lost to the Celtics. 
Russell Westbrook was also 9 of 23 on Christmas in the Thunder's loss to the Bulls 96-105. 
I guess time will tell. 

Today also 21 days before the Finals.
Duncan wears # 21 and so on. 
This is what I've been saying for a while now. Sometimes when the numbers seem to be perfect, it actually goes the opposite of what you think. 

Thunder advance on to play Warriors. These guys regular season series was super loaded.  A few extra things I just noticed. 
The first time they played was on 2/6.  
Warriors got their 46th win of the season. 
Also Queen Elizabeth II's 64th anniversary of being Queen. 
Finals begin on her 63rd Coronation on 6/2. 
Anyway the 2nd time they played was on 2/27. 
Curry scored 46 points. 

5 days later the Warriors defeated the Thunder on 3/3. Making their record 55-5. 
Curry had 33 points on 3/3. 
This was also the game Prince attended. 
Prince died 49 days later. 

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